Assassin Dolls – S01E03

Assassin Dolls – S01E03

The businessman is sitting in an office overlooking the city. He is listening to a cell phone. It is the voice of the fatman from the glade. He is complaining to the businessman, talking about how bloody and loose the hit was. After listening for a couple of minutes the businessman asks.

“Was the target killed?”


“And were you implicated?”


“Then where is my money, Mr. Hitoshi?”

“Well, you see…”

“You’re aware of the default clause, Mr. Hitoshi. Pay me my money before midnight or the clause will go into effect.”

The businessman hangs up the phone and lights a cigarette as he sits and gazes out at the city.

“Mr. Hitoshi is going to be a problem. Get an asset in place. The moment that we get payment I want Mr. Hitoshi removed from play.” A man in the shadows bows and then exits the room without a sound.

Back in the proctor’s office, he calls Aina to come in to discuss her daughter’s acceptance to the proper class. He lets her know there is a problem with the test and that with a short meeting, it can be resolved properly. Aina came into the room with Alice in tow.

The proctor is a bit surprised, but after only a moment of indecision, sends Alice to get tea. Alice goes to get the tea and the proctor propositions Aina. Before Aina can do more than bluster a bit, Alice returns with tea.

Aina takes Alice by the hand and leads her out of the office as the proctor blusters behind her.

“At least I got my tea,” he says and begins to sip.

Aina takes Alice home. She is beyond angry and tells Ichiro about the proctor’s behavior. They discuss it for a while while Alice heads back to her room. She begins grinning the moment that she closes the door behind her. She lays down in the bed and goes to sleep. The next morning while she is eating her breakfast at the table a news broadcast comes on the TV talking about a local man who fell into the tracks of the train on his way home. They revealed that it was the proctor who had been causing problems with Aina the night before.

Ichiro calls the school to complain about the proctor who died, stating what the man did. He’s not the only one complaining about the man, now that he’s dead.

Hikari is looking down at the clinic from the roof of the building opposite.

“The point is mine. Alice is Weak.” she says.

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  1. Still love the professional means of termination employed here…Train accident…most plausible…most plausible indeed.

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