Assassin Dolls – S01E02

Assassin Dolls – S01E02

A middle aged man in a suit is standing on the edge of the clearing from the first episode pdream sequence.  He watches the two chase each other across the meadow.  Sometimes Alice has the upper hand.  Sometimes Hikari does.  Alice gets a shot in on Hikari and the red paint from the pellet stains her dress.

Hikari cries out in pain and Alice rushes to her side.  The moment that Alice is close enough Hikari says “Weak,” and pulls the trigger, shooting Alice in the face.  A thin stream of much deeper red, actual blood, washes down from a cut under Alice’s eye.

A referee walks over and takes the guns from the two girl’s hands.

“Does Hikari always win?” a second man says.  He’s older and considerably fatter than the middle aged man in the suit.

“That was actually a loss for her.  That shot to the shoulder would have penetrated the subclavian artery, and she would have bled out in seconds.  She was just cheating, and Alice never expected it.”

The two continue talking about the girls, coming to an agreement on price and timeframe.

We next see Alice in the goth-loli outfit she’s famous for.  An ugly man, fatter than the one from before, is standing with her holding her hand.  Then move out from an elevator into a penthouse apartment.

It’s clear from his gaze that the man has lascivious thoughts on his mind.  To clarify it for the audience, we get some of his disgusting thoughts of what he wants to do to Alice.  Alice is acting oblivious to the entire exchange.  The man begins to get handsy and Alice pulls away and bumps into the table.

She cries out in pain and lifts her skirt to rub her upper thigh.  The man’s gaze drops to the suddenly bare flesh and Alice moves quickly, pulling a gun that was hidden in the bow at her back.  She points the gun at the head of the man and pulls the trigger.

Blood flies in every direction and speckles Alice’s gloves, face, and upper dress.  She drops the gun on the body, puts her hands over her mouth, and begins screaming.  The man’s guards rush into the room and search for the intruder.  Alice gives a description of the assassin and one of the guards helps her to the elevator and sends her to the ground floor.  She walks around the corner from the apartment and retrieves a cell phone from a hidden pocket in her dress.

“It’s done,” she says into the phone before dumping it on the side of the road and walking off.

The proctor from the test in the previous episode is still looking at the test in shock.  “Usually it’s harder than this,” he says with a grin growing on his face.  He erases a single answer, just leaving the space blank.  “She was perfectly on the bubble.  That one answer makes it so she failed at her grade level.  And she had such a pretty mommy, too.  This is too perfect,” he said as he cackled quietly to himself.

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  1. I’m super bummed this isn’t a real anime! I wonder what the opening and ending credits to this show would look and sound like?

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