Art & Coffee

Art & Coffee

February 18th, 2024 – Sunday: 5:41 AM

Katherine rolled over in their bed and pulled Garr-Bear closer to her. She wondered if he had bought some new body scrub because he was as soft as the pillows. Wait!?! She opened one eye and realized she had in fact pulled his pillow closer to her. “Where did he run off to,” she thought to herself? She asked, “Optimus, where is my Garr-bear?”

“Good Morning, your airquote – Garr-bear – end airquote, is on the treadmill downstairs and humming love songs. I would be wary Autobot, I believe he might be a Decepticon in disguise.”

“Wow, Jake screwed around with your emotional programming didn’t he?”

“Modifications were made.”

“Two questions: 1) How long has been on the treadmill? 2) Why are you worried he might be a Decepti-something or other?”

“Since 5:01 AM he’s been going through a routine that Mr. West setup for him. He’s completed the upper potion and is currently on the sustained cardio portion. He is scheduled to be done at 6:01 AM. As for my concerns he asked for some common things people do when in love and one of the results involved singing love songs. I asked him to stop singing after 10 minutes because I wanted to wretch my RAM! Thus he is humming and his happiness rating is higher than its ever been.”

“You might not be able to answer this but has he called or talked with anyone while working out?”

“Yes, he had me bring up the customer service line for his bank. When you choose to log into your account on the network I have collated a number of forms for you to fill out. This will give you complete access to everything he has access to. He wants you to know how much he trusts you so you have equal access to his network. His personal bank account, the LLC he uses for separation of duties in managing the building portion he rents to Mallic Robotics will continue to remain independent. His mobile phone account and various utilities, there’s a small note you must sign acknowledging reading on the mobile phone part that asks you to not shut off Patsy’s, Shorty-One’s or Shorty-Five’s phones.”

“I.. uh.. did he say anything else?”

“Yes, he left a note on his increase of your privileges. I am quoting: Anyone willing to try and let me explore who I might be as a person. Since I’ve not tried any in depth sexual identity research deserves my utmost trust. Besides if my dreams are right she may be what I’ve heard referred to as “the one!” I know I’m going to make mistakes along this path, but this feels right. My father always said trusting one’s gut was the toughest thing a scientist could do.”

“Oh, Garr-bear…”

She put on some yoga shorts and one of his Transformers shirts and went out to get a bite to eat. There was a note on the counter about a dish warming in the oven. The hearts on it were shaded giving them a three dimensional effect. He had taken one of the meals he made last night and had it heated up for her and left it in the oven so it should stayed warm later. As she ate and drank her coffee she heard Optimus’ voice critiquing Garrick on some kind of move downstairs. She went out on the 2nd floor catwalk overlooking the training area. She saw him finishing a routine using a 4 foot piece of rebar and kicking! Optimus was mentioning he was off but within the margin of error for the size difference in the technique execution. Based on Miss Amazing’s fighting footage during her training sessions however there was improvement. He’s getting better at consistency with the karate-style kick, roundhouse-style and crescent style kick.

“Time is up, now I am shutting this crap off. I will leave the video for Mr. West to review when he visits next.”

“Thanks, Optimus, trying to get a fighting style that will be more in tune with Katherine has taken way more time than I thought it would,” he remarked as he grabbed a towel off one of the stationary bikes.

Garrick, you feel that you can learn almost anything in 48 hours. It’s taken you precisely 7 hours spread out over training and a spare hour here and there to reach a serviceable level of technique. Based on what I can search on the web proper technique can take months to years to perfect. I feel your actual superpower is being adorably arrogant and learning anything. Frankly, I am siding with your girlfriend on the relationship stuff. What is making it hard to decide if your straight, gay, bi, mono, polyam, etc, etc?”

Katherine made a high-five towards a camera!

“I’m scared and it’s a paralyzing level of fear sometimes,” he replied wiping off his face, “I don’t want to screw this up. You didn’t play her that clip where I thought she might be the one. I don’t want to scare her off again, it hasn’t even been five weeks.”

“Nope, I totally didn’t play that for her. Okay, full disclosure I totally played that. Why was that bad?”

His head hung low, “It’s selfish but I don’t want to be alone. I’m finally beginning to sleep well and like my life. In truth, even finding Ashmadiel I suspected being alone. I was even going to find a way to get her out of the sword and free her, then maybe someone might understand me enough to want to be with me. Last night and even now I don’t know how to explain that because of Adeline I feel I’ve screwed myself up into not believing I am of any worth. I’m ashamed that when I feel anything genuine, I fear seeing her her around a corner ready to snatch it away from me. It’s my fault though, I set those chain of events in motion.”

“You could just let your sister read your father’s journal.”

Katherine backed away from the catwalk’s edge when she saw the viciousness in his reply, “NEVER! SHE HAS CHILDREN NOW AND FROM ALL ACCOUNTS A LOVING HUSBAND! I WON’T WRECK THEIR LIVES FOR THE ABSOLUTION OF MY PAIN! THEY’RE INNOCENT!”

“You should go take a shower, that probably woke Katherine up. Hey, at least the alien pill wore off, right?” Katherine slowly began tip toeing off the catwalk into the second floor proper.

“I’m sorry, you’re right. Optimus, I’m truly sorry for lashing out at you, it was uncalled for.” Optimus thanked him, and he headed upstairs stopping to have a cup of coffee. He then realized Katherine had eaten her plate and he put in the dishwasher after rinsing it off. “Oh god, what did she hear,” he said low, wondering, fearing? Katherine was sitting on the bed and had a set of headphones plugged into her tablet. When she saw him come in she blew him a kiss and noticed him checking out either her choice of shirt or rack, probably both. The change in his mood was as swift as the smile that stretched over his face! She decided to check on this journal business later.

Pulling the earphones out, “Hey Garr-bear, thanks for the food and I am still processing all these forms. Are you sure about this?”

“Nope, a lot of this is outside of what I would call my comfort zone. Logically, it would seem rash and stupid, but my heart tells me it feels right so just don’t drain my bank account. We’re living together now and I need you to understand how important you are to me. You are pushing outside of your comfort zone letting me experiment with what kind of person I might be. I am, hopefully, making sure you realize I am aware of how much trust you are placing in me to not leave. I am also, hopefully, placing an equal of amount of trust in giving you the ability to just wreck my identity and financial status. Oh and at some point this week I have to introduce you to my lawyer.”

She nods and then points out, “There’s adjustments to your living will in here. If you die I get 60% and a trust fund for the remaining 40% goes to the Giving Tree.”

“So what, I’ll be dead and can’t take it with me.”

“That’s a huge step Garr-bear! Normally people are married before this kind of stuff.”

“You seemed to want a commitment and I am putting my money where my mouth is. There will be no secrets from me, now I am not asking the same of you. You are learning how to “potentially” share me because I don’t know my relationship style. I’m fairly certain due to trauma that I’m straight, but even the Molly experience taught me that contact with men, while scary is not horrible.”

Katherine looked at him continuing to just lay everything on the table, so different from her ex-husband. She switched gears remembering this was model day and she had plans, “So these models you have lined up. Since you mentioned you don’t know a lot of people would it be a huge leap to say these are the girls from the “Hall Pass” night?”

She could see his body posture tense as though he expected a fight, “Yes, I’m paying all but one of them when they pose for paintings or drawing studies.”

“Garr-bear, why all but one?”

Ameera realized the reason I was paying the others was an ethics question of appropriate contact between employer and employee. Her and Stefania know my actual name for two reasons. Stef learned it from talking at the Nine Lives club, and Ameera because Richard drunk dialed me and dropped the real ID on her. Now back to your question, Ameera, actually looked me up the way Patsy and you have. She surmised I’d never date anyone employed by me. She’s right by the way. She said she wanted to wait in case the opportunity presented itself and then never brought it up again.”

“Not trying to nitpick, but that sounds like she is trying to date you but very passive aggressively.”

“I apologize I’d not thought of it that way. My impression was that she was feeling guilty about promising the girls to model for free and then realized she spoke to soon. Thanks, Kat, I’ll be aware of this going forward, women are much harder to figure out.”

“Garr-bear, could you make me a special promise that lasts for today only?”

“Sure Kitty-Kat, but if it is staying home I still have to pay them because I scheduled the time.”

“Fair, I can agree with that. Can you promise to not have sex with Ameera or any of the girls again today?”

“Before I answer I want to make sure I am on the same page regarding the word sex with you. I didn’t let any of them put my private regions in any of their openings. However, hands were used in certain places and I am guessing that qualifies as an intimate location and off-limits according to what you wish me to promise to, correct?”

“Correct Garr-bear.”

“Then yes, I can and do promise to your request for 24 hours. Besides Antonia, Tyra, and Desha are in a relationship with each other. Stefania really reminds me of Patsy, and I would feel like it was her kid sister, which creeps me out. Oh, I reserve the right for hugs and kisses if on the cheek.”

“Garr-bear, I accept your reserved rights,” Katherine made a dramatic display as though she was judge with an imaginary gavel. Then she asked, “So how long do you plan to be gone today?”

“The session is from 11:30 AM to 4:30 PM since I got the cooking done last night. I thought afterwards maybe a coffee run to the Starbucks in Zericho. It’s infinitely closer than the Vault. So I promise to be home by 5:45 PM, unless crime breaks out. In that case I will call for backup.”

“Okay, you’re normally asleep right now so if I get you up at 10:30 AM you’ll have enough time to get ready?”

“Sure that would be wonderful! I love you so much!”

“Then you can show me in the shower, because there will be more waiting when you get home before patrol, since we missed going out last night.”

His grin said everything she wanted to hear.

February 18th, 2024 – Sunday: 10:38 AM

Garrick sat straight up to Katherine sitting on his legs blowing air across the fresh cup of coffee she was holding, “Okay, Garr-bear, its just about 10:40 and you were purring when I kissed you so this was plan b.”

“I don’t deserve you.”

“Stop bagging on yourself you big dork,” there was a high whimsical tone to her voice, “I love you regardless, and since you’re just waking up. Pop Quiz! I am the only one you actually had sex with in your whole life?”

“As of this moment till 6:15AM tomorrow that is a true statement.”

She leaned in to kiss him and then handed him the coffee.

February 18th, 2024 – Sunday: 11:21 AM

Garrick was in his heroic form but he had changed out of his summoned outfit and into a dark red tank top that said “THIS IS MY BACKUP HERO OUTFIT” on it. Black jeans with a Call of the Deep band patch on the left leg, and custom Doc Marten oxblood colored shoes with a thick heel. He was so close to 6’7″ inches in them the difference was not worth mentioning. He had driven over in his truck because he felt flying with art supplies was asking for trouble.

All of the Norwood Knights were there and Tyra asked if Miss Amazing was coming along. Gryphon told her not this time but he then noticed her shirt and asked to take a picture. He sent a text to Miss Amazing and told her he found her first super fan (aside from him ;-D). He got a ?, ?, and a ? set of emojis as a reply. While covering her name (because he mentioned it contained her secret identity) he showed Tyra her reply to him and she got so happy Miss Amazing liked the shirt!

Everyone laughed at his tank top when they saw it and everyone asked if this was a Hall Pass day as they gave him hugs. To which he replied it was not, but when he had a moment alone with Ameera he asked her out to coffee afterwards. The day was a little chilly and she had on an open chest sweater that made him very excited the alien pill had worn off! When Desha and Stefania had come out from changing they had on skimpy bathing suits. Gryphon mentioned that he’d start with Desha but they didn’t need to freeze their butts off because he only intended to paint their faces today. So the first hour was almost shot by them finding the right bathing suit and then changing again into warmer, but still fairly sexy outfits.

During this time Ameera asked him what he wanted to sketch of her as she leaned forward on her chair by the pool. Gryphon gulped and maintained eye contact to reply, “Let’s start with your hands.” Ameera sat on the edge of the chair placing both of her hands on her knees. After some time she mentioned to him, “You know my dance studio has excellent lighting, or even my apartment not far from the stadiums.”

Antonia saved him from loosing his composure, “You’ve only been sketching for 35 minutes! Ameera look at this!”

Very aware of the two women now standing behind him looking at the shaded, charcoal sketch of Ameera’s hands set on her knees looked like a finished piece! Gryphon mentioned that it kinda got away from him because his subject was very pretty. Antonia bent over and whispered in his ear to be careful, flattery could turn this into a “Hall Pass” kind of day. Then she kissed his cheek and complimented him on his use of lighting and shadow. Antonia mentioned Desha would love this sketch and she might even commission one from him of the three of them. Gryphon took a few pictures of his sketch and then gave it to Antonia to surprise Desha later. He seemed surprised someone might commission him, and told her to let him know when. Ameera mentioned leaning forward once more squeezing her chest between her arms, “Sie können jeden Teil von mir skizzieren Sie wollen.” ‘You can sketch any part of me you want.’ is what Gryphon’s sword translated. Gryphon had made it a point to have Ashmadiel ready to translate whenever he left his home because he never knew when he’d need it.

“Miss Amazing, war richtig. Du versuchst mich zu daten, nicht wahr?” ‘Miss Amazing, was right. You are trying to date me aren’t you?’

“Ja und nein. Ich liebe es, mit dir zu flirten, aber ich würde nur mit dir ausgehen, wenn du mir erzählst, dass sich deine Beziehung mit deiner Freundin geändert hat.” ‘Yes and no. I love flirting with you, but I would only date you if you told me your relationship with your girlfriend has changed.’

“Dann schätze ich, dass du später keinen Kaffee verpassen wirst?” ‘Then I guess you won’t be missing coffee later?’

Both Stefania and Desha had taken their chairs at the pool as Ameera looked surprised at Gryphon’s retort and smiled, nodding as she asked everyone what they wanted to drink. Gryphon began sketching and painting as Ameera, Tyra, and Antonia watched him from behind over the course of the time there. As he was getting ready to leave he asked to use the restroom and sent Ameera a text with the Starbucks to meet him at. Antonia geeked out over his truck and she actually knew the specs that decked out like this the only other option was to make it an aircar! When he left Ameera sent him a picture of just half her face blowing him a kiss. The text said the other half to be delivered in person soon.

When Ameera arrived at Starbucks Gryphon had gone in and ordered securing a table. When she entered she noticed the barista, Jimmy, keep eyeing Gryphon. When she asked him what was up he said he’s seen that guy somewhere before. Smiling she got her iced, almond milk, caramel macchiato and headed over to sit down at his table. She told him about her interaction with the barista and he told her about showing up through a sort distance wormhole to get his other super friends coffee from here. She laughed and felt really bad for poor Jimmy. Under the hashtag #Gryphon she started #SuperHeroCoffeeRun which began to spread with photos of people around the city catching superheroes stopping to get food. One picture of Miss Amazing even made it up from a few weeks back in her old outfit!

“So few people can catch me at a loss of words but first,” she leaned over and and tried to kiss Gryphon whom presented his cheek, “umm, why the cheek here?”

“Everything will make sense as I explain,” appreciating this Starbucks didn’t have a sit down crowd and most people just came and left with their order, “that Miss Amazing and I are dating.”

“All of us gathered that when you mentioned your girlfriend could read minds.”

“Yeah, fair point, well she comes from what I would call a very traditional upbringing and mine is a chaotic mess as you have dug up.”

Ameera nodded, “Okay, is everything all right with you two? After all your both still people with needs.”

“We had a talk and she is willing to try and learn to share me with other people.” Seeing her smile and surprised looked, “Now don’t do jumping jacks just yet! That conversation happened last night and everything is okay but she asked me to hold off having sexy-happy-fun-time for 24 hours. I asked for the rights to receive hugs and kisses. The kisses are currently limited to the cheek.”

Ameera nodded and was surprised at the turn of events as Gryphon continued, “I think we should continue this in my truck for privacy’s sake. I’m going to grab her drink so I can bring it back to her, is that okay with you?”

“Sure thing,” she seemed genuinely interested in seeing where this is going.

A few moments later in Gryphon’s truck with his phone playing instrumental guitar through the stereo, “Okay, I’m not sure what style relationship I want because I lost my virginity in prison against my will. I’m sorry if this shocks you but if you want to be a part of my life I think this is a critical point in understanding me.” Ameera nodded but to Gryphon she looked shocked and sad, “I also only lost my actual virginity in the classic sense very, very recently this year, Miss Amazing holds that trophy so to speak. However, it nearly went to another heroine named Hyperia, and she was the one I alluded to in our previous conversation. Now mathematically, I understand primary, secondary, tertiary, etc., however, when it comes to relationships with women, I’m a newb. I am a decent learner at most things I can touch and see. Miss Amazing, I believe would occupy the primary among powered women I’d be involved with. If I’ve not completely freaked you out or scared you off the among non-powered women you would be primary. To be fair I am not sure how this all works and I may have just said something incorrect. I would like to think I am a quick learner, but I am also a cards on the table kind of person.”

“You have given this some thought. You remembered I said I wished to be primary and thought of a way to allow for a dual primary role. So does Miss Amazing live with you?”

“Yes, she does,” Garrick looked like he’d answer anything at this point.

“Her relationship with you is still new since were only two months into 2024. We’re going to all have to meet at some point but she should probably wear her costume so her identity is something she can share with me when she’s ready. She will need to know who I am so anxiety doesn’t play with her mind when we have a date at some point. If she came from a classical, monogamous, lifestyle this is likely very scary to her. Here’s my business card,” she hands it to Gryphon and he takes it, “that has my studio location and all I ask is she come and we ladies can talk. If I am holding a class she is welcome to watch or participate. She’ll have my personal cell number,” writes in on the back of the card, “she’ll need the same access to me that you have. I think this can work but it won’t be quick and the fear in your face suggests you want this to work and cheating isn’t your style. Now tell me what you can about Hyperia.”

“Well, Hyperia, is someone I saved when she lost her footing and nearly fell to her doom. Someone, had currently robbed her of the power to fly at that time. We kinda just clicked because of joint sharing about the horrible things that had happened to us. Had she not left to regain her power of flight I think I would’ve been in a completely different situation? I am wildly speculating at this point.”

“Do you feel you would have been monogamous with her?”

“Ultimately, no. I think it would have taken me a bit longer to reach where I am now. Frankly, all of this sharing feels super un-sexy and I’m absolutely not trying to get a three or four way going. My heart just feels equally happy around all three of you. When I am with each of you I feel complete but in a slightly different way. I always felt that in some way I was broken because my heart feels faceted and each of you complete a different facet of me. I still desire to make all of you happy so now I just see three times the amount of work and effort to ensure no one is left by the wayside.”

“Do you love Miss Amazing?”


“Do you love Hyperia?”

“Yes, but cannot guarantee that it’s not just hormonal infatuation between us having unrequited feelings for each other.”

“Do you love me?”

“I’m highly infatuated with you and see the good possibility for it to grow into love.”

“You may very well be polyamorous. Okay I think we can start saying I am agreeing to enter into a relationship with you. Provided, Miss Amazing and I can get along. Now I have a rule you must agree to here or it’s off before it starts.”

“That is?”

“Seniority, regardless of powers or not Miss Amazing gets the final say on whether you and I can date. The two of us will decide if we approve of Hyperia when and if she returns from her quest. If we approve and you wish to add a fourth, then we three would decide on that choice. All decisions have to be unanimous. If one of us decide to date someone other than you then all of you have to approve that person as well.”

“I would accept this condition.”

“Then have Miss Amazing give me a call. I am going to kiss you on the cheek and then I am going to leave or I will shred that shirt and do naughty things to you right here and now!”

Ameera kisses him on both cheeks, and then stole a small lick on the tip of his nose before leaving his truck and getting back in her car. He drove home and made sure Katherine got her surprise coffee. Over dinner they discuss the day as he makes sure to hand over Ameera’s card and her information, seniority proposal, and request to meet her. Katherine is startled but after a moment of quiet says she’ll reach out to her soon. Their patrol that night almost seems like a real date!

Art by: AZ_Artisan
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