Are We Sure These Guys Are Heroes?

Are We Sure These Guys Are Heroes?

Are we sure these guys are heroes? I heard someone shooting when I ran over from grandma’s house. People usually don’t run from heroes. I think I saw the sword guy rush into that room and start attacking other animal people. The robot guy not from Skynet just disintegrated a person in front of us. I’m pretty sure he is lying and is from Skynet. Also Victor shot me at these people before we even found out who they were or what they were doing. This group I am supposed to be joining doesn’t sound like heroes to me. Also they have potty mouths. I wish Walter didn’t change his number. I have so many questions. George needs to get back from his summit trip too. At least I found grandma, maybe she can help me over some milk and cookies.

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    1. Everyone has their own unique perspectives. Hopefully you guys will talk about it in R.P. before it’s too late…

      1. Well, that would mean sticking around to have a conversation.

        True, but I don’t fault Gryphon’s RP choice to retreat into his sword instead of engaging in RP with the others.

        1. His assumptions are based on being able to see the invisible person I touched, not struck. I also believe I would have been the only person in that room who could have seen him in the condition of being invisible mystically.

          1. AN assumption is that the comment about Gryphon seems to be based on a possible misinterpretation of a specific game event. You guys all told me you did not want player specific information to be revealed in an OOC manner so I cannot further comment at this time.

        2. As to the RP choices I needed to make sure the information was conveyed correctly. I’ve been looking at a way to allow the soul in the sword and bit of freedom. I don’t see it as retreating, but utilizing the person or tool best suited to convey the information as accurately as possible.

          1. I do not hold your choice against you and I will not stand for anyone holding your choice against you – not even yourself.

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