Am I Evil?

Am I Evil?



“Yes, Mr. West.”

“Begin secure voice and video recording.”

“Recording has begun, Transformer responses turned off.”

“Smart, your learning computer. 25th March 2000 hours.

“Am I Evil?

“Yes it is a question that not many ask of themselves. Most are fully convinced they are not, some just don’t give a fuck, the rest, us very few, are concerned, not because we care, but we truly wish to know and if we should embrace it. Every since I bonded with that little cunt of a thug, this tiny little question has been bouncing around in my head.

“Now for sure I’ve committed acts that could be deemed evil, but just because someone performs evil, does not make them evil, just ask a Catholic.

“For me the question has been more pronounced ever since I’ve decided to ‘take care of’ Mickey Eisner. Up to this point, I’ve always carried out ‘acts of evil’ on the orders or behest of others and I know all them fucking Nazis used the same excuse for the evil they committed, but that was against an innocent race. What I’ve done was against those that would harm innocents and I’ve never taken out an entire race. The Artorians are a great example of this ‘justification’ for committing evil against entire races en masse. But I digress, I’m not here to talk about other’s evil, I’ve posed the question to myself after all.

“This marks the first time I’ve made the decision…all on my own…with no orders or outward influence. So maybe I’ve finally crossed the line into a territory I’ve always just skirted in the past. Yeah, this ain’t dipping your toe in the water…this is jumping all in head first. Well that cock sucker Eisner deserves it.

“Am I Evil? I don’t know. I mean Old Man Hubbard has good intentions (or bad in this case), but he is just too much of a gutless twat to act on his intentions. I mean, I’ve practically DARED him to do something, yet he still hesitates. That one day I did almost catch him, if I hadn’t ‘interrupted’ him, I doubt he would have pulled the trigger. I may just have to go show him what that big black cannon is for, not like that little white boy has any experience shooting one.

“Yeah, maybe folk in this town need to look out, ‘specially those cocks that just don’t give a fuck.

“So…Am I evil?…Just maybe…just maybe I am…I am Man…or maybe its just the moon, so bright and full…

“I will drain the BEER from their dying souls and chug it from their skulls…”

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