A Short Interview

A Short Interview

“Alright, I heard from your friends, but I am going to need to hear your side of the story.” The investigator sits back in his chair tired from a long day of interviews. He is somewhat relieved this one is just a teenager, but again he was the grandson.

“Oh gee, and I in trouble?” the young boy asked as he squirmed in the chair. The coldness of the room did not escape him.

“No, you are not, but if you fail to comply I will have to charge you with obstruction.” The bluff worked as the boy’s eyes widened. His tough demeanor faded quickly.

“So, your friend’s call you Shorty?” the agent continued.

“Yep,” Shorty replied.

“If you could, Shorty. Please start from just a few days before the attack.” The investigator sits there looking at the boy then at the glass mirror. No doubt Alpha Prime was behind there watching his technique or sleeping. Oh man, I hope she is not sleeping thought the investigator. He redoubled his efforts and grabbed a glass of water.

“The others came back from an investigatory trip into one of Jake’s plans to get people onto his side. I think tensions were high because after they re-appeared, people barely spoke to each other. Jake wasn’t himself either. He locked himself in his lab. He did not want to be disturbed. I know another one of him was over at the house. He had some paperwork he needed done so he got ‘Lawyer Jake’. Apparently, he’s not a scientist like all the other Jake’s but instead he chose to be a Lawyer and I believe they claim he is the best.” Shorty took a moment to breathe after spilling his guts.

The agent sat in silence to process the idea of other Jakes. He was still getting used to all this weird dimensional stuff.

“You said Jake was reclusive up till the day of the attack?” he inquired of the boy.

“Well not, reclusive. He was busy working on protective harnesses for a secret weapon and the protection of those in SAVIOR.” Shorty replied.

“I assume they worked?” the agent inquired.

“They did, but it was complicated.” The boy replied.

“Well, that sounds like a long story and I need to get some coffee if we are going to get into this.” The agent collects his coat and continues, “Want anything from the vending machine?”

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