A Note From The Geist?

A Note From The Geist?

A mysterious note covertly delivered to each of the heroes during the day on Monday Jan 15th, 2024:


Yes, you. Don’t be worried about this note! Your secret’s safe with me. I am The Geist. I’ve noticed your previous actions and I think we can be of help to each other. I’d like to join me in forming a team of Mavericks. A team Heroes who aren’t puppets of the government or corrupt corporations. We should be free to help others as we want, don’t you think? I don’t expect this message to convince you. I’d like the chance to convince you in person.

This Wednesday night (the 17th) I’d like to meet with you so we can talk about this face-to-face. I’ll be waiting at 772 Union Street in Zericho at 10:00 pm.

The Geist


3 Replies to “A Note From The Geist?”

  1. How come WE are the puppets, don’t WE chose to follow, don’t WE chose to perform the actions we are asked to do, don’t WE have free will.

    1. Gryphon thought you were well read on African-American civil rights leaders. You seemed angry like Malcolm X, but questioning like MLK Jr. He’s looking forward to working with you.

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