A New Set Of Die Are Cast

A New Set Of Die Are Cast

Cater Wade is a graduate of Copernicus University in the Javarta sub-district. With a Masters Degree in Journalism and a minor in web development, and near straight “A”s on his transcripts. One might think there would be nothing but big things in store for such an individual.

Unfortunately, Carter’s penchant for “superhero fever” has clouded his job opportunities. Many creditable papers site him as an example of what happens when you show bias in your published pieces. Carter has always said he’ll report the good heroes and bad as he see them. Whether or not they be Centurions or Mavericks. Many places began to wonder how he kept his job at the Copernicus Gazateer: the university’s paper, for his whole term there.

Among the journalistic circles it is said no one would hire him had it not been for the critically scathing piece on Cavalry after his horrible event at the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia. He is starting to just now earn a reputation as a “Hero Report Card Writer” in journalistic circles. While this is potentially pigeon-holing his career Carter seems to never have been happier. Especially since one paper finally gets him, the Silver-Hill Sentinel recently hired him about a month ago when they learned Cavalry had returned to Century Station.

It was a Monday: January 15th, 2024 when Carter located Cavalry and he called his editor after hearing him talking about a ‘note’ he’d received from another hero known as ‘The Geist’!

“Chief! Chief!”

“What is it Wade, have you even found Cavalry yet?”

“Yes sir ten minutes ago and ‘click’ I am sending you the best zoom in photo I can get on my phone now.”

Grumbling… “Wade, it’s him so what the hell? Get some photos we can use in the paper.”

“Chief, he stopped to get mail at that Courier Express chain with the anonymous mail boxes, when he came out he was exclaiming about a note he got from someone called the Geist. Do you know him?”

“Wade, quit fucking with me. If it’s the Geist he may be the oldest hero, vigilante, Maverick on record in the city’s history! Please tell me you got more than heroic superstition to go on.”

“Yes Chief, there’s a meeting in two days and something about forming a new team of Mavericks to, well, fight crime.”

“Listen kid, if I thought Cavalry was capable of subtly I’d say you’re getting trolled. However, this could be juicy if this is indeed what’s going to happen. So if you want a job after build up like this, pics or it didn’t happen, you have 72 hours.”

Wednesday – January 17th, 2024: Carter follows Cavalry to the meeting where our Heroes meet up at the gathering held by the Geist in the Zericho sub-district.

The following is being recorded into the Premium Clips app on Carter’s Pear X smartphone.

“Today is Wednesday, January 17th, 2024; 9:58pm”

“I have followed Cavalry to the meeting location and hung back far enough to watch the gathering occur through a camera with nightvision capabilities. I am recording it and will try and pair it up with the range microphone. So far there is no sign of the Geist. I have noticed a gang of color punks on my way into this section of Zericho sub-district. I’m on Union street just in between 7th Street and 8th. The construction site they chose to meet at is the corner 8th and Union. I’m several buildings away in a second floor building ruin using an amazing zoom attachment to my phone. They…
…wait someone just flew down in what appears to be an ancient looking military uniform and gold and blue armor? This could be the a siting of the new hero of the Norwood sub-district, Gryphon, outside his stomping grounds? Damn it! Some fan-kid blogger is down there with a cell phone up in their faces and shaking hands! Sonofabitch! There is a thin man in black with some silver jewelry that is standing next to Cavalry, Gryphon, and the blogger. Looks like a goth styled hero of some kind but way to young to be the Geist.Now the fan-blogger is freaking out about one of the occupants of a car, Jake Thompson, one of the most eccentric scientists of the modern age! Oh man I am going to knee cap the blogger! Note to self: edit out the swearing and threats to the Blogger. Wait, some blond girl in a blue and black outfit just showed up. Well, black urban hiking boots, a blue skirt and mask, and a black and blue top with an “A” on the chest and shoulders. It is hard to tell from out here but there appears to be a cross between Underarmor foam-football, protective, padded shirts and BMX bike armor. It appears to be reinforced with Kevlar plates. Even she headed inside after, dammit, the blogger got in there I need to get close enough for video!

It is now 10:16pm and whatever meeting is being discussed I can’t hear on anymore, but someone called Ethel, perhaps the elderly woman with Jake Thompson, is talking to someone claiming to be the Geist. Then my range microphone just shorted completely out, sparks and stuff, thank god for warranties! Well I can pack that away and get up on the third floor. I think I may still be able to get some shots of the front of the construction site if things go REALLY bad! I mean that color punk gang from earlier is moving closer to the construction site and I don’t need a range mic to tell they’re pissed that the construction site wiped out the now former hangout. Things look like they’re going to get dicey if Mavericks and gang members go head to head. I may not be able to stay long into the fight depending upon the powers these Mavericks can bring to the table. I mean Cavalry is down there and we know how Philadelphia went.

It is now 10:28pm; I am on the third floor and changed out the nightvision lens to low-light color lens and the zoom is cranked up so visually it feels like I am there or at least within 60’ish feet. I’m using a bluetooth mouse to be able and click and hold the shutter button on the phone for burst shots. Oh the blond wearing a blue and black costume with a “A” in white on the front leaps down at the entrance way from somewhere inside. She does look rather amazing in her outfit. The the hero I strongly suspect is the one known as Gryphon hovers a few feet off the ground in the entrance and yells out loud enough even I can hear, “You kids do know this is a school night, right?” He strikes and impressive figure floating in air with that massive sword!

Two of the Color Gang members raise some assault rifles and opening to the construction site! Damn! this is going to indeed be a fight! Nothing seems to actually be aimed at the Amazing blond girl or Gryphon, but directed haphazardly pass them as one scream, “YOU CAN’T KICK US OUT OF OUR TERRITORY YOU SONSOFBITCHES!” As an answer to that from behind the Gryphon, whom is hovering about five feet off the ground and least a 6 feet tall, leaping over him is an absolute BEAST! As the creature lands using it’s middle two appendages to tear into one of the color punks it roars out, “Fall before the savagery of the BEAST!” It appears that the old Power Professionals team member has found a new group!

All of color punks screamed, “HOLY SHIT! WHAT IS THAT?” More shots ring out in dark but it sounds like pistol fire as oppose to the rifles held by most the color punks. One of the gang members screamed as a pale white object/flash smacked into him! Based on the research I did into the Geist that could very well be a ghost-a-rang the hero is known for, but I will have to verify the video in slow-motion later to be absolutely clear. The Amazing blond late teen-adult makes a standing jump forward some twenty or so feet and knocks down one of the other color punk gang members as the one that had been disarmed has his limbs pinned tightly to his core as he is lifted off the ground by an unseen force! This unlucky color punk appears to have been wounded during the exchange of gunfire. I don’t believe this was the Geist, but may be one of the other Mavericks inside the building on the construction site I can’t make out.

Then the Gryphon moves up and over everyone straight into the middle of color punks and not unlike cocky batter on the Peregrines over at Jessup Stadium he swings his sword with confidence and he cuts right through the attempted parry with the rifle and up the chest of the color punk! This punk goes down and while bleeding is moaning so loud I can hear it up here! The reaction from the Amazing Blond really suggests this is a new team up because she seems to pause in surprise at the one hit take down as well. More pistol fire from the building as the Beast shakes his claws menacingly, but I am unsure from the distance if he did or didn’t intend to hit the punk on the ground in front of him.

Four of the color punks are opening fire on Gryphon and the Amazing Blond. The Blond rather impressively dodges the gunfire while the Gryphon laughs as bullets ricochet off of him. Citizens of Norwood should be proud at their neighborhood Maverick for taking down opponents with that wicked cleaver and yet leaving them alive to learn from their mistakes! More gunfire from the building as the floating color punk shakes from what appears to be ballistic impact. The color punk that the Amazing Blond knockdown is getting back up and the two of them appear to be wrestling or grappling for control of the other.

Whomever is controlling the floating color punk just tossed him through the air into another color punk knocking that person down and I think the tossed punk may be mortally wounded. If that is the case then one among that group is a dirty Maverick or just taking cues from a clueless Cavalry. Either way that goes it will need to be addressed quickly if they wish to win the court of public appeal. I can see one of the color punks in the very back inject themselves with “something” and I doubt its anything good! I can guarantee our readers that will be a follow up topic for me. Last thing Century Station needs is a new drug!

Zipping through the air for his second swing the Gryphon hits one of he color punks tagged up from other Mavericks hits. This swing however launches him through the air and into another color punk knocking them both into a wall of the construction site! You would think the gash from such a mighty cleaver of a blade would kill someone with that hit but while bleeding the punk on the video is still very much alive! Which means Cavalry needs to begin taking notes because this Maverick has learned something the other one has not, control.

Then from a ground floor window of the building on the site, a barrage of swearing and more gunfire at the punks. I still can’t make more detail on the video of that shooter due to shadow and their choice of clothing. Suggesting someone with training not unlike CSPD Swat, various Military, or even a Sector 10 strike team! The Gryphon seems to be laughing as he hefts the sword on a shoulder, turns to the shadows and yells out, “YOU SIR! Have clearly, and eloquently stated the usefulness of such profanity!” As those bullets began to hit their mark the drug-emboldened color punks rushed the window and jumped through at their Maverick opponent inside!

The Beast takes another swipe at the punk fighting him with swinging two mighty fore legs with very noticeable payoff in bloody wounds on the punk. When the color punk tried and failed to retaliate the Beast wasted no defensive energy and struck down hard once more laying the punk low, but alive. The punk that got knock into the construction wall runs and leaps at the Gryphon hitting him and getting knocked back by a swing from the sword and a bloody red sash for his efforts. Gryphon looks unscathed from the encounter. The last three punks of the gang can be heard yelling they can find new turf and run…
…run toward my direction.

Okay, folks I am no hero I have just enough time to pack up and make it to my car, so Carter Wade signing off!

Carter speeds away with plenty of video, some audio, and both color and nightvision photos to make a good start for an ongoing story. Once he makes it to the Midtown expressway he taps his bluetooth ear-piece, “Chief! Chief!”

“What is it Wade, have you found a way to keep your job?”

“Check the corporate Dropbox you told me to upload to! I have Calvary, a possible sighting of the Geist, the BEAST from the old Power Professionals team, the Norwood Maverick: Gryphon, the scientist: Jake Thompson on scene, some Amazing blond girl. There was a battle outside a construction site, there’s video. Some punk little blogger was on the scene as well so we gotta hurry to get this out and online, chief!”

“Good job Wade. Don’t expect to hear it again you got 60 minutes to upload your ‘written copy’ for the article I will force it into tomorrow morning’s run.”

“On it Chief, bye.”


Silver-Hill Sentinel

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