A New Antagonist

A New Antagonist

Worse Than Sharon?

Hi boys and girls- my name is Ethel, or if your parents taught you well, Mrs. Falkenberg. I promise that everything I am about to tell you is true- or, in my advanced age, I just misremembered.

I was really excited about our meeting, getting together with all the other heroes and the other Shorties as well- in fact, I was up extra early, at 4am!

I dressed up fully, knowing that Dick would expect nothing less, and I wanted to make sure I impressed. We were meeting at that nice young dear Garrick’s home, and the whole group was scheduled to be there. The outfit I chose was bright, cheery, and fun, reflecting my mood.

I had worked hard finishing my new costume, and it was finally complete. I was very proud of it, and could not wait to show it off. I excitedly packed a bag with it, and did not forget comfortable shoes, just in case! I figured I could change and show them all at some point late in the meeting, but since we were meeting in daylight for once I didn’t want to arrive in it.

I was finished packing and ready hours early, and tried valiantly not to wake up (Shorty #1 true name redacted here), and let the poor boy sleep. Worriedly glancing at my watch every few seconds I tried to relax by doing a diary entry, which helped a little.

Finally, a half hour before we needed to leave, I woke up Shorty, and reminded him that Miss Amazing (that Tramp) would be at the meeting to get him out of bed. Of course, Shorty takes a long shower and makes me concerned about being late, so rather than taking my Brother’s Volvo into that less than savory District as I would have preferred, I took the Aircar. I really did not want to be late!!

Everyone arrived at Garrick’s home soon after I did, and I would love to tell you that it all went smoothly from there, but my day quickly went to hell. I thought we were there for a meeting- no one told me it would also be another physical training session! I was very improperly dressed for the occasion- I even had brought a jaunty straw hat to complete my look!

We did some training, and I did the best I could, unzipping my skirt a little to give myself a bit more freedom of movement. I was beginning to feel depressed- no one had made any comments on my outfit, and everyone seemed preoccupied with either the Shorties or Miss Amazing or Dick. Even the Man In Black seemed gruffer than usual.

Many other things occurred, and I may write a separate entry about the intrigue and strangeness, the bickering and fact that yet again I was ignored- but what really matters is that I know why now! I know why I am made to feel small, to feel as if I do not matter, and why I am marginalized- the Tramp has powers much stronger than my own, and I am afraid!!

You see, I have not trusted “Miss Floozy” since day one! Any girl that tries to seduce men that are twice their age are obviously out to get advantages that are inappropriate, and she had shamelessly been flirting with that well-meaning sweetheart Garrick. He of course is clueless to the evil in her heart, as he is the most naive doll- so I was keeping an eye on Miss Floozy. After spending quite some time with the Man in Black, locked in some sort of meditation, we all met at a table. I had warned MIB that she was not to be trusted, and I assume he was verifying that I was right.

The Man in Black spoke, “I can verify that Katherine (that is the name the Tramp goes by when not in hero form) can be trusted, and is not the mole.” I was crushed! I glared at Miss Floozy, knowing that I had a good “evil eye” and wanted to let her know that I knew she had corrupted yet another of my fellow heroes.

That is when it happened- She looked at me with such ferocity, such power, that I fell out of my chair! She will be the death of us all! The Man In Black and Garrick rushed over to help me, and Miss Floozy made some crass remarks about breaking my hip- the bitch!

I do not know how to go on, for I know that she has bad intentions, but the group wants to go after the super drugs rather than finding out how she is corrupting the group and selling us all out.

She will be the death of us all if I cannot find a way to stop her!


Ethel picture is actually of Grace Ghanem
Miss Amazing picture from our own AZ Rune.



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    1. This is the first case of mis remembering, when I went back and watched the video the word training session was mentioned in the context of the type of message alongside talking about the injector drug. Sadly I missed hearing about her outfit or I would have said something.

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