A Follow Up Call

A Follow Up Call

Tuesday – 13th of February, 2024

Stefania was home not having class on Tuesday and Friday. She’d waited for her friend Ameera to stop by before Desha began moving her stuff in after getting added on the lease, “Hey, Ameera, I know you were being grateful earlier. But saying we’d pose for free kinda pissed me off.”

Ameera stared at her friend, “What are you worried about? Desha is moving in and she’s got half the rent.”

“You know that’s not the point.”

“You’re always like this. Fine, ok, look, I’ll call Garrick, god his name is so sexy, and I will fix this. Maybe we can rent out some space in the house for storage and studio use?”

“Sure, as long as we get it in writing that he understands this space becomes null and void if the property owner chooses to lease to another tenant. It won’t be cheap either.”

“Sweetie, we all want Garrick, err the Gryphon, in our lives. Maybe take it easy on him? Heck even Antonia is excited he paints, Tyra and you know she don’t usually go for that type. We all know he’s special, we just have to navigate a mind reading super girlfriend. This can be the harmless way we go about it. I’m so sorry I pay check blocked you. He’s all our hero. Don’t worry if I get him I will share with my besties!”

They finish talking as they hear the garage door open and Desha arrived. Quickly they make sure they’ve not shared his real name with anyone. Once Desha unloads this haul of stuff they get ready for Netflix and dinner.

Friday – 16th of February, 2024: 12:15 PM

“Garrick Faulkner, speaking.”

“I want to kiss and lick you all…”

“…Uh, ma’am! I think you have the wrong number…”

Ameera laughs, “Calm down handsome! Süsser (sweetie), you are to cute for your own good! Hi, it’s Ameera, do you have a few moments or shall I call and leave you a naughty voice mail you can listen to later?”

There was a significant pause and Ameera knew how she could snag Garrick away from Miss Amazing. His breathing suggested he was confused and it was not the first time she’d give a man pause to answer her. Finally he spoke, “I want to say yes to both, except the second option might be called cheating. I feel to be true to the exclusive agreement I must pass on this voice mail in question. Umm, now you have me blushing red, and more than a little embarrassed that I really wanted that voice mail. Please accept my apologies Ameera, how can I help a Norwood Knight?”

She liked knowing that he was still very easy to talk to, “Well, süsser held (‘sweetie hero‘ is what Garrick heard knowing his sword was translating), as much as it would please me to tease and titillate you verbally until your lunch was up. The other day I kinda screwed up with explaining the work for free thing.” She went on to explain the situation and the plan to have him solve that. Garrick asked if he paid the whole rent that would mean he’s hired Desha as well? Ameera said she would double check but likely so. When Garrick asked about what the others wanted for payment Ameera found the way he gleaned for information charming. Even when he apologized for having to ask a few direct questions she realized he wasn’t a pushover and it only made him sexier in her mind.

“So my plan was to pay $30 per hour to each model that posed for me, or played the role of assistant. Ideally I would make use of their time for 2-5 hours earning them $60 to a $120 per week. If I made sure to use Stefania 5 hours per week then she would make her whole month’s rent and Desha’s part. I suppose we could group the two together as a package contract deal. They would have their rent paid by me in exchange for 20 hours per month of modeling time, which either of them could work out whom showed up as they saw fit. Then after the first month if they decided this arrangement worked for them I would consider renting a room or even a hall closet with a lock I could install, to store paint, canvases, paper, etc. You know, supplies and stuff.”

“Süße, wenn du nicht in einer exklusiven Beziehung wärst, würde ich dir zeigen, wie dankbar ich bin. Freude, wie du es nie zuvor erlebt hast, du entzückender Mann.”Sweetie, if you weren’t in an exclusive relationship I would show you how grateful I am. Pleasure like you’ve never known before you adorable man.‘ is what Garrick’s sword translated.

“Willst du mich nicht einfach für dich selbst haben? Deine Schönheit ist so, dass du jemanden haben könntest,” He asked in reply realizing Ameera was just as good at social navigation as he was. (English Translation: Would you not just want me for yourself then? Your beauty is such you could have anyone.)

“I didn’t think you’d be able to speak German on top of Turkish and Italian! To answer your question though, I would just wish to be the primary woman you come home to or take on your adventures. As long as we agree on the people then spend your time as you wish. Love is free and the world might be a bit happier if they saw it that way.”

“Oh well, I was not, um, you are a very special woman. I would be envious of the person that won a space in your heart.”

“Then buy a mirror sweetie,” followed by a few laughing giggles.

An audible gasp could be heard, “I um, I, you said, I um, Antonia, Tyra, and you, yes you. Does that hourly arrangement work for all of you?”

“I’ll text Tyra and Antonia to find out, but sadly I’m forbidden accepting any form of compensation from you.”


“When you’re dense your cuteness is almost to much to handle,” lots of giggles, “so kawaii! So for modeling I have done some cosplay for small game companies at cons around the southern states. If you’d like I can wear one when I pose for you and I promise to follow any rules you set so your mind reading girlfriend doesn’t feel hurt or betrayed.”

“That’d be great! However, you’re so good at conversation, and you still didn’t answer my question phrased poorly as an inquiry with “oh.” Why can’t you accept any form of compensation from me to be my model?”

“I realized you were nailing down employee relationships so you could still find a way to hang out with us because you had a great time. Look, I get it, being drugged without consent is a form of social rape, and that’s if nothing bad happens to you! Your girlfriend probably thinks we date raped you, or exploited you. Stefania thought of her and now Desha’s place as safe, so I told her she had to be stupid clear about boundaries with you. This way you could enjoy everything but your consent was gathered at each step. This way when you came down off the Molly it would be safe, relaxed, and enjoyable. I can enjoy recreational drug use but keeping a safe space for all involved would be paramount. With me so far?”

“Yes ma’am.”

“I don’t think we’re ready to play those kind of games without your girlfriend’s consent, so call me either Ameera, or just ‘Meera.”

“Ameera or ‘Meera, got it.”

“Since your friend Richard screwed up dropping your real name, I looked you up. You have climbed back from a rough road, but in case no one has told you in awhile. Garrick you are a Brilliant, Sexy, Wonderful, Strong man. Your hero form might be prettier to some people, but those four words were aimed at your core person. That’s the person whom landed in my heart, and the one I’m willing to wait and fight for!”

“Wha.. I, don’t know wha..”

“Relax handsome, I can’t accept compensation because then there’s a work relationship between us. When the fates align that “we” have a shot together I want to be ready. Just so it’s clear for you I will keep your secret whether or not I get to dance for you. I free you of any obligation to me you may feel. I don’t want you constrained by me in any way when our skeins come together in Fate’s tapestry.”

“Um, ‘Meera, if there was somehow another person I knew I loved in what may be an unrequited fashion. Later, they decide to requite that affection you would let me see this person as long as I came home to you after spending time with them?”

“You’re smart enough to know we’d work on the details, but in short, yes I would.”

“Thank you, oh shit! I need to get this thought out of my head, I can’t even say what I am thinking, um I’m am so fucked! I…”

“Handsome, calm down and if you plug in some headphones and give me 10 minutes I can wipe out every thought in your head but these. Do I have your permission to help you?”

“Yes please! Anything, I can’t have these thoughts right now, I promised to be exclusive.”

“What color is your girlfriend’s hair and eye color?”

“Blond, err she colored it, so blue, both hair and eyes.”

“Gotcha, I own a wig and contacts let me go get them,” a few minutes pass, “Okay, I’m wearing them now pretend I am her and let’s go back to the first thing I said when I called you. Hehehe!”


Ten minutes had gone by. They both had just hung up with each other. Garrick was indeed smiling and thinking about things to try with Katherine. Sitting in her studio’s small office Ameera smiled, because she just needed to give his mind the right things to remember.

Art by: AZ_Artisan
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10 Replies to “A Follow Up Call”

    1. I love these NPCs to death! Garrick doesn’t want to loose any of them because he does not have a lot of friends on the outside. Any faults they have are way lighter than what he dealt with in prison.

  1. So having figured out his relationship with Davis, now he jeopardizes it?? Wow learning how to be a boyfriend real quick…

        1. He’s not lied to anyone about this. He’s scared that he had a thought about making a mistake being monogamous. He’s convinced Katherine scans his mind all the time. He wanted to purge the thought, and Ameera offered to help. He still doesn’t consider that cheating. I think he made a bad choice not to talk to Katherine about it. And this is his 1st experience dating at all. I feel it wouldn’t be right if he didn’t screw something up trying to do what he thought was the right thing.

          Kat is monogamous and he had a non-monogamous thought. Get rid of it as fast as possible, you’re being a bad boyfriend.

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