A dream?

A dream?

Floating. That’s how it usually feels. Floating in a sea of feelings and thoughts, I absorb all that is every other one of my alters. Since I was a teen, that is how I’ve kept in touch with all of the shards of my psyche. This sea can be dark and stormy, or peaceful and effervescent with the sun lighting up the day. Always, however, this sea reflects who is in charge.

I expected the sun above a stormy sea when Alice took over, like it normally does for her, but that’s not what happened, or I should say, not all that happened. A bubble formed in the midst of the dark sea below me. I could see flickering lights in the midst of that bubble, but it was just too far away for me to see clearly what was there.

I dove below the surface trying to get close to that sphere. A weakness overcame me the closer that I got to the object floating in that water. As I got closer and closer, I felt my lungs begin to burn, and my legs merged and the fur covering my skin faded. I could feel my jaw shrinking. My breath ran out just as I touched the image.

I sucked in expecting water to enter my lungs, but I got a deep breath of air. Pain began to wrack my body and the next thing I knew I was floating, no longer tied to my body. I floated through the hallways of my old home in a memory I didn’t remember ever happening. I found myself lying on the floor of the great room. Suddenly I heard someone speaking.

“Doctor, it’s happening again!”

Angela Mackenzie-Weisman held the phone close to her ear in a near panic. Carl, for that’s who it appeared to be, more it was who it felt like was lying on the floor, was having what appeared to be another seizure. But it was clearly more than that. His skin itself was undulating and writhing, as if his whole body seemed to be trying to morph and change before her eyes.

“Calm down, Angela. We talked about this.” Doctor Wendell Moore, the voice on the other end of the phone, reassured her in a calmed and measured tone. “This was an experimental treatment after all. It’s not surprising that he needs multiple doses. Can you get him to my lab?”

She looked at her son writhing in agony on the ground. His lower body was beginning to bulge and his whole frame appeared to have impossibly taken on mass. “No, I don’t think so.”

“All right then. I’m on my way to you. I’ll be there as fast as I can.”

“Please hurry.”

I didn’t remember this. This was a vision or a dream because there was no way, if I had been that Carl writhing on the floor, there is no way I would have heard the conversation on the phone. When the vision ended, I found myself again floating on the calm calm sea under the blue sky.

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  1. So much..in so little…As a player I so much want to help Carl delve into this…as a character It is a very overwhelming sensation when he does try to connect, he hesitates to go further

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