2Good or 2Bad?

2Good or 2Bad?

Granny Has a Moral Quandary

Hi boys and girls- my name is Ethel, or if your parents taught you well, Mrs. Falkenberg. I promise that everything I am about to tell you is true- or, in my advanced age, I just misremembered.

“So, Dr. Erikson, I seem to be having a moral crisis. I want to do the right things, but I also want to keep my Brother in my life, and he has a questionable moral character. I seem to have completely messed up with dear Garrick, who misunderstood my trying to protect him from harm as an insult. I think that he is the sweetest man, but he is hardly invincible! Yes, I yelled at him, and I was worried about my brother being blamed for something, but I was more concerned for Garrick’s safety.”

Dr. Erikson responded, “In order to keep your brother in your life, do you need to have a ‘questionable moral character’ yourself? This question sounds like it may be the root of your crisis, and only you can answer that. Regarding your friend Garrick, if he asked you to protect him from harm then perhaps the insult came from some other misunderstanding? I think the best thing there may be to just give it some time.”

“I don’t know about time, but I hope you are right, we will hopefully bring ourselves to some understanding,” Granny continued. “I also feel that one of the horoscopes that I count on for good advice put me into an awful situation! I feel that I need to trust more my own instincts, and my own abilities to read the stars, but what if that has also been corrupted by the same forces that are putting me at odds with my morals?”

Dr. Erikson calmly replied, “The mere fact that you have these questions and concerns tells me your instincts are worth trusting. You may be at odds with your morals, but many of us struggle with temptation every day. Deep down though you still know what is right for you, for Ethel, to do. I would think listening to that instinct may help clear up some of your own personal questions and crises.”

Ethel stands, excited, “Oh, you are right, Doctor! My instincts say to do my own star charts and my own horoscopes! Thank you, this will help so much!”


Ethel picture is actually of Grace Ghanem


5 Replies to “2Good or 2Bad?”

  1. Me: Hmmm, hey do you smell that?
    Other Gamer: Yeah what is that?
    Me: Someone had a side session here. See the dice powder in the corner?
    Other Gamer: Oh yeah, ahhh run! AHCKLFJ!!!!!
    I run as a ravenous D20 mimic eats the other gamer!

    Journal Entry – Great Chronicle, find safer reading environments! 🙂

  2. I can’t wait to see what Ethel’s personal readings of the stars may reveal – secret skill checks for success can be so fun!

  3. A Scientist (even from the “soft” Sciences) allowing someone to use archaic nonsense as a Horoscope? Well, if it assuages their ego, whatever helps?

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