Center City

Center City

a.k.a. “Midtown”

Center City is the middle class shadow of Society Hill and home to the hard-working professionals who are brushed off by Society Hill as wannabes, and disdained by the poorer districts as snobbish yuppies. Economics are good and crime is low here, thanks to the district’s proximity to Society Hill, a strong police presence and the mega-freeways that separate it from Brisby Flats. Like an invisible wall , criminals simply don’t cross the highway in search of new targets; they would rather stay on their side of town and ply their devious trades there. While this is good for Center City, it is bad for the town as a whole, because it concentrates the crime problem in such a way that the richer, more stable parts of town simply write off crime in other subdistricts as a cultural proclivity to shiftlessness and dishonesty.

“I mean, really! Why send police over there if those slackers are just going to rob from each other anyway? I say let them find real jobs and pull themselves up by their bootstraps!”








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