Borough: Center City
Sub-District: #14
Population: Approximately 400,000
Land Use: Commercial, Industrial, Residential
Urbanization: Moderate
Wealth: Middle Class
Crime: Moderate

Overview: Calaverada is a hard-working and relatively prosperous community has recently had a serious upward spike in crime. This is blamed in large part to the rising crime rates in its more run down neighboring districts, such as Quincy Flats. Still, the Calaverada District Council thinks there is time to stem the rising crime rate and make the subdistrict a safe and friendly place for folks to raise their families. As such, it is aggressively pursuing the formation of citizen watch groups, working in tandem with the CSPD, which is helping many citizens from this district join the Auxiliary Police Force.

The streets of Calaverada tend to be long and straight, perfect for a quickly growing population of hot rodders who have taken to drag racing during the evening. This has earned the district the nickname of Raceland. After nightfall, the main streets of Calaverada become highly dangerous as souped-up muscle cars and motorcyclists contend for the championship in what locals call the “Elimination Olympics.” It is so named because of the high likelihood of dragsters fatally crashing during their brief daredevil careers.

Notable Locations:

Koan Memorial

Sun Street

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