Description: Cai is a Robotics Engineer and Programmer.  As Cai’s physical body died, he transferred his consciousness into Caedechron to preserve his life.  Caedechron is a fully autonomous robot, though it was cobbled together with spare parts Cai saved from the compactor at his work after he scrubbed the tracking tech and RINs.  

Several of his parts are chiq, looking as if they belonged to a robot serving at the most fashionable Society Hill Villas; while others look like they were donated gladly by a gangrenous bum for a half-rotten sandwich in the middle of Brisby Flats.  Even so, the parts were painstakingly chosen and placed for the least aesthetically displeasing arrangement possible.  Most of the parts (75%) are translucent Graphene or Carbon Fiber, with the rest (25%) comprising some steel, copper, bronze, aluminum, and a small section of corrugated tin on his leg.  His face, hands and feet are covered in android structure blanks, which give him a lifelike, youthful appearance – even though the material is a translucent, cloudy white, and is made of a graphene-rubber polymer.

Real Name: Cai Gawain Govannon
Alias(es):Caedechron, Kaida
Level: 7
Power Category: Robotics
Educational Level: Special Training
Occupation: Ex-Robotics Engineer, Programmer, and Tester.

Height 7 ft, 0 in I.Q. 24 Save vs Magic +3 Strike +5
Weight 170 lbs M.E. 18 Save vs Psionics +2 Parry +8
Nat. A.R. 7 M.A. 14 Save vs coma N/A Dodge
S.D.C. 225 P.S. 30/16 Save vs poison/ disease N/A Roll w/ impact +3
H.P. N/A P.P. 19/10 Save vs H.F. +0 Pull punch +3
P.E. N/A Save vs Possession +2 Initiative +12
Exp 35,921 P.B. 3 Save vs Insanity +2 Damage +15
Sex R Spd 50(150) Disarm +2
Birthday 11/3/1996 Trust/ Intimidate N/A Death Blow N/A Critical 18-20
HTH Martial Arts Charm/ Impress N/A KO N/A Attacks 6
Alignment Unprincipled H.F. Pin/ Incapacitate N/A Perception +8
Punch 4D6
Elbow 4D6
Backhand Strike 4D6
Knee 4D8
Karate Kick 8d4
Roundhouse Kick 3d6 Can be used only once per melee round, and no other kicks can be used in that melee round.
Crescent Kick 2d4+2 Cannot come immediately prior to or following another kick.
Trip/Leg Hook None An attack on the opponent’s legs. Does no damage, it’s purely a knockdown attack. Cannot be parried.
Snap Kick 1d6
Body Block/ Tackle 1D4 Counts as two attacks. Opponent loses next attack if hit is successful. 60% chance to knock down opponent (those with Maintain Balance get a second chance vs their skill). If knocked down opponent loses initiative and is knocked 1D6 feet away.
Power strike ×2 Doubles the damage of the attack. Counts as 2 attacks.
Pull Punch 2d6 Roll damage as per normal. Roll 1D20 + pull punch bonus; requires an 11+ to succeed. If successful reduce damage to any value between 0 and the amount rolled.
Disarm Counts as one melee attack. A strike, hold or grappling maneuver to cause the opponent to drop their weapon or handheld item. Can be a defensive move (needs a 19+ to succeed) or a strike roll (opponent defends as normal).
Automatic Parry Parry up to three attacks between melee actions for no attack loss. Fourth and more counts as a dodge.
Automatic Dodge Dodge up to three attacks between melee actions for no attack loss. Fourth and more counts as a dodge.
Dodge Lose next action whether successful or not.
Entangle Counts as the next melee action. A defense that attempts to trap the weapon or arm of your attacker. Must roll higher than the attack roll; if successful the entangled can try to escape on their turn by rolling a dodge vs the entangling roll. Every melee round it’s maintained roll Entangle again as an attack/ action. Cannot make any other attack without releasing the entangle.
Roll with punch/ fall/ impact Must roll above attacker’s roll. Counts as next melee attack.
Arm Hold Use both hands to twisting the opponents arm around their back and immobilize them. If strike succeeds the victim is helpless until released. Any items in the hand of the arm being held can be easily removed. Neither of you can attack, parry, or dodge while hold is maintained. Victim can escape by rolling (1d20 + P.P.) vs your (1d20 + P.P. + P.P. bonus + any Hold bonuses); high roll succeeds.
Leg Hold Use both hands to force the victim on the ground with his leg held up. If the strike succeeds there’s no way for him to get up until the hold is released. Neither of you can attack, parry, or dodge while hold is maintained. Victim can escape by rolling (1d20 + P.P.) vs your (1d20 + P.P. + P.P. bonus + any Hold bonuses); high roll succeeds.
Body Hold Use both hands to force the victim into any number of wrestling holds. If the strike succeeds the victim can be immobilized on the ground or in a standing position. Neither of you can attack, parry, or dodge while hold is maintained. Victim can escape by rolling (1d20 + P.P.) vs your (1d20 + P.P. + P.P. bonus + any Hold bonuses); high roll succeeds.
Neck Hold Use both hands to hold the victim around the neck from behind. If the strike succeeds the victim is immobilized and totally vulnerable to attacks from any other character. Neither of you can attack, parry, or dodge while hold is maintained. Victim can escape by rolling (1d20 + P.P.) vs your (1d20 + P.P. + P.P. bonus + any Hold bonuses); high roll succeeds.
W.P.: Energy Pistol 1 + 9 +8 +7 (Added +3 from Targeting Sights, +1 from Combat Comp)
W.P.: Heavy Energy Weapons & Rail Guns 1 +9 +8 +7 (Added +3 from Targeting Sights, +1 from Combat Comp)
W.P.: Pistol 1 +9 +8 +7 (Added +3 from Targeting Sights, +1 from Combat Comp)
Untrained Ranged +4 +4 +4 (Added +3 from Targeting Sights, +1 from Combat Comp)
WP: Paired Pistol 3 +7/+3 +6/+2 +1/-3 (Added +3 from Targeting Sights, +1 from Combat Comp)
WP: Shotguns 6 +9 +8 +7 (Added +3 from Targeting Sights, +1 from Combat Comp)
WP: Paired WEAPONS 7 From Martial Arts
Automag Revolver, 6d6 Comp 3/7, 6/7, 7/7, 7/7 .50 AE round, 165′, 7 round,
M93R Beretta Semi-auto 3d6-3d6*2 Burst Comp 14/20, 19/20, 20/20, 20/20 9mm, 180′, 3 round burst, 20r box mag,
M2000 Dragonfire Shotgun 5d6-6d6ap Comp 10/15, 15/15, 15/15 Buck=3’x30′ spread, 15r box mag, 100′, P.V. 5-7, Single/3r/Full-Auto, Req Superhuman Str.
Ion Weapon Hand 5D6 Y 40/40  1,000 ft range, 40 shots per E-clip.
Forearm Particle Beam Weapon 11-17 strike 1d6*10

18-20 strike 1d6*10+40

Y 1/2 +1 BONUS!

60′ range.  Disintegrated if killed with it. Damage Invuln.  2 shots /10min.

Laser Hand 4D6 N 40/40 2,000 ft range, 40 shots per e-clip.
Class IV 17 / 280 Customized to allow extra arms and jetpack.
Language: Native Automatic 50+5 +35% 1 7 98%
Literacy: Native Automatic 30+5 +30% 1 7 90%
Pilot: Automobile Automatic 60+2 +10% 1 7 85%
Mathematics: Basic Weapons Engineer 45+5 +25% 1 7 98%
Mathematics: Advanced Weapons Engineer 45+5 +25% 1 7 98%
Electrical Engineer Weapons Engineer 30+5 +25% 1 7 85%
Mechanical Engineer Weapons Engineer 25+5 +25% 1 7 80%
Research Weapons Engineer 50+5 +25% 1 7 98%
Computer Operation Robot program 40+5 +10% 1 7 80%
Computer Programming Robot program 30+5 +10% 1 7 70%
Robot Electronics Robot program 30+5 -30% 1 7 30%
Robot Mechanics Robot program 30+5 -30% 1 7 30%
Navigation Advanced Piloting program 50+5 +10% 1 7 90%
Read Sensory Equipment Advanced Piloting program 30+5 +10% 1 7 70%
Weapons Systems Advanced Piloting program 40+5 +10% 1 7 80%
Pilot: Motorcycle Advanced Piloting program 60+4 +10% 1 7 94%
Pilot: Truck Advanced Piloting program 40+4 +10% 1 7 74%
Pilot: Tanks & APCs Advanced Piloting program 36+4 +10% 1 7 70%
Pilot: Hovercraft Advanced Piloting program 50+5 +10% 1 7 90%
Pilot Robot Vehicles Special Training 60+4 +10% 1 7 94%
Recognize Weapon Quality Special:WP Modern 30%+6 +10% 1 7 76%
Hand to Hand: Martial Arts Secondary +10% 1 7
Play Musical Instrument: Violin (Professional) Secondary 35+5 +10% 1 7 75%
W.P.: Energy Pistol Secondary 30+6 +10% 1 7 76%
W.P.: Heavy Energy Weapons & Rail Guns Secondary 30+6 +10% 1 7 76%
W.P.: Pistol Secondary 30+6 +10% 1 7 76%
Streetwise Secondary 25+4 +10% 1 7 59%
Lore: Aliens Secondary 30+5 +10% 1 7 75%
WP: Paired Pistol Secondary +10% 3 6
WP:  Shotgun Secondary +10% 6 6
Google Translate STUNT 75% 75%
PROTOTYPE Chance of Failure 18% 1 7 18%
Recognize: Voice or Sound* Advanced Audio 40%+5 1 7 75%
*Negatives: If Target Disguises, Impersonates “” 7 -10%, -20%
Imitate a Voice “” 30%+5 1 7 65%
Language Translator Audio App 75% 1 7 75%
Esimate Speed/Direction of Apporach “” 50%+5 1 7 85%
Estimate Distance “” 60%+5 1 7 95%
Imitate Voice Modulating Voice Syntheses 83% 1 7 83%
Imitate Sound Modulating Voice Syntheses 83% 7 83%
Chemical Analysis Chemical Analysis System 86% 1 7 86%
Check Radar Source Radar Detector 70% 1 7 70%
Interface with Technology Interface Adapter 85% 1 7 85%
(Bold:Special Bonuses of Which to be Aware)
Prototype Every time a weapon, device, or special function is used there is an 18% chance of malfunction. Roll each time; may malfunction one time and work perfectly the next.
Transferred Intelligence An electromagnetic containment and control center in the robot safely houses the character’s consciousness.
Reinforced Human Frame Life-size and proportional
Super-Solar Engine Indefinite power while exposed to sunlight. 8 hour battery for no sun conditions. Has an emergency reserve of 4 hours. See HU2 pg 202 for penalties when engaged.
Human-sized Legs Provides a Spd of 50 (33 mph)
Concealed Micronized Wheels Allows for ground travel at a Spd of 150 (100 mph) when engaged. Roller skate-like wheels pop out of the feet and can retract as desired.
Detachable Hover Jet Pack Maximum Altitude: 500 ft, Maximum Speed: 100 mph
Human-sized Arms Robotic/Superhuman strength. Left hand is an interchangeable interlocking unit Interchangeable Utility Hands:
———- Electromagnetic Clamp. A two finger claw. Buzz-Saw. Does 3D6 damage as weapon
———- High-Powered Drill. Has 40 different bits (can do 2D6 damage) Police Style Lock Release Gun. 75% effective, one try only.
———- Towline, and grappling hook launcher/reel. Range:300 feet. Weight limit:5 tons. Damage:1D6. Acetylene Torch. Cuts ≤2″ thick metal at a rate of 1″/melee. Range:1′. Damage:1D6.
Utility Arms Robotic P.S. of 16. Concealed in a secret housing in torso
Advanced Audio Same as the superpower of Heightened Sense of Hearing, plus hears inaudible frequency ranges such as a dog whistle. A Wide-Band Radio Receiver (not transmitter) enables the robot to listen to the commercial radio stations, citizen band (C.B.), police bands and other radio transmission frequencies. Range: 50 miles with a retractable antenna (half range without). SEE SENSOR SKILL LIST
Audio Translator App Cai developed the software after time in an alternate dimension.  After 1d4 minutes of hearing the language it is added to the translator and he can understand and speak it with 75% accuracy.  The translator can store up to 7 languages. Speak 75%
Languages: 0
Bug Detector A small device that picks up radio signals from listening devices (bugs). Range: 20 feet.
Radar Signal Detector A tiny radar receiver which will alert the character with an alarm buzz or pinging when he is being scanned by radar. AUTO
Mini-Motion Detector Registers vibrations in the air indicating movement. A collision warning system will sound an alarm to warn of an impending collision/impact. AUTO Range: 60 ft.
Radar Detector Registers radar waves to indicate radar surveillance. Can track the source of radar emissions with 70% accuracy. Range: 4 miles.
Radio Scrambler Linked to the radio system to send and receive coded messages.
Audio Recorder A recording system with external access. Can hold 8 hours of audio.
Loudspeaker Amplifies the robot’s voice up to 90 decibels.
External Audio Pickup A sound amplification listening system. Range: 300 feet
Inaudible Frequency Transmission Can transmit sounds on frequencies not audible to normal human hearing.
Modulating Voice Synthesizer Allows the robot to change the tone, bass, pitch and frequency of his voice 100,000 different sounds are programmed into its memory, including gunshots by caliber, automotive engines, etc. Can analyze, compare, match and remember 10,000 new sounds. Can imitate a voice with 83% accuracy.
Advanced Robot Optic System Includes color vision , 3-D analysis, night sight, infrared and ultraviolet sight. Range: 2000 ft.
Laser Targeting A thin beam of light is emitted from the eyes or forehead or the weapon itself. When the light beam locates its target, a computer locks in and registers the fire command. Adds a +3 to strike when using a distance weapon. Range: 1,600 ft.
Targeting Sight A special system that superimposes target cross hairs. (added +1 Strike) Range: 1,600 ft.
Telescopic Vision Magnifies an image area like a gun scope (medium magnification). Automatic, self-focusing. Range: 1,600 ft, 10 ft image area.
Thermo-Imager An optical heat sensor that converts the infrared radiation of warm objects into a visible image. This device allows the robot or pilot to see in darkness, shadows and through smoke. Range: 1,600 ft.
External Video/ Audio System A high resolution video camera relays images directly to the robot’s pilot or video scanners. The small camera can rotate 360 degrees for viewing all around and has a telescopic lens with a 1o× magnification. Secured in a concealed housing when not in use. Range: 1,200 ft.
Video Receiver/ Transmitter Enables the robot or a robot’s pilot to receive and send video and television transmissions. Range: 40 miles.
Camera Eyes (2) The robot’s eyes are cameras capable of taking telephoto color or black and white photos.
Searchlight Built onto the shoulders, with a 90 degree arc up and down and 180 degree side to side rotation (not possible for chest units) . High-powered, wide light beam. Range: 300 ft.
Spotlight Eye Beam A narrower beam of light emitted from 1 or both eyes. Range: 120 ft.
Radiation Detector Registers and pinpoints radioactivity. Range: 60 ft.
Chemical Analysis System A fully automated computer analysis system that can do a complete chemical analysis of blood, drugs, liquids, and gases within 3D4 melees. Over 60,001 chemicals are stored in its memory with room for 999 additions. Likelihood of a full, exact analysis is 86%. A failed roll means it can not identify the substance. (Added: Jake Weed-Man)
Micro-Radar A small, but sophisticated radar system usually used in human and animal-sized robots, and exoskeletons. Can identify up to 25 targets and simultaneously track 16. Rate of travel, direction, and location are indicated. Range: One mile.
Secret Compartments SEE INVENTORY FOR CONTENTS of the 15 compartments
Tractor Remote Probe  An optics video probe that is concealable inside a robot and launched when needed. It operates by remote control, following radio directions from the robot. The basic unit includes a video camera with telescopic lens (200 ft range) that transmits everything it sees and hears. Range of transmissions is 1600 feet. Moves via a set of treads. S.D.C. 50, Robotic A.R. 6. Size: About 20 inches long and 16 inches tall.
Hover Remote Probe  An optics video probe that is concealable inside a robot and launched when needed. It operates by remote control, following radio directions from the robot. The basic unit includes a video camera with telescopic lens (200 ft range) that transmits everything it sees and hears. Range of transmissions is 1600 feet. Moves via a “quiet” concealed micro-hover system (100 mph, 1000 ft altitude). S.D.C. 50, Robotic A.R. 10. Size: About 20″ long and 16″ tall. Comes with one small retractable utility arm (P.S. 10).
360 Degree Rotating Body Segments All joints and hinges have a full 360 degree rotation.
Combat Computer Calculates, stores and transmits data to the robot or the robot’s pilot (heads up display in cockpit) . Usually linked to targeting and radar systems. (Added +1 to strike on all weapon systems.)
Stunt: Autododge Due to tinkering with the robotic frame, this robot can attempt an autododge with a bonus of +2, plus P.P. bonus. Acquired at Level 3.
Interface Adapter Connects to most electronics and interfaces directly to the processors.  For proprietary electronics or advanced business computers there is an 85% chance the adapter fits. NOT “SECURE.”
Forearm Particle Beam Weapon This is a weapon mounted on top of the forearm, which means it is obvious to all what it is. The tight beam of charged particles this weapon fires is very difficult to control and aim properly. Objects destroyed or people killed by a particle beam are disintegrated. These blasts may even damage invulnerable characters.  No bonuses to strike apply. Nat rolls of ≤10 miss the target completely. 11-17 = 1D6×10 damage. ≥18 = 1D6×10+40 damage. No bursts. Range: 60 feet. It has an experimental internal energy system. Stores 2 shots, recharges over 10 mins. An e-clip can be added for an additional 4 shots.
Hover Hand A left hand and a right hand, suitable for interchangeable systems. The hands can detach at the wrist and fly via hover system. The limb is controlled and directed with radio waves by the robot, just as a person would direct a remote control airplane. To do this, the limb must always remain in the robot’s line of vision. The hand can grab, pick-up, hold, carry objects (under 18 lbs), open doors, press buttons, operate a computer (if the controlling robot or person can clearly see the controls), punch (1D6 damage) and so on. The hover jet system allows for full maneuverability of the detached hand, including hovering, turning and tight maneuvering.  The Flight abilities of the hand’s tiny maneuver jets are limited: Maximum speed 22 (15 mph), Maximum flight duration (fuel): five minutes, Attacks/ actions per melee: two, but must be under the direct control of the main robot, which means the hand’s attacks count as two of the robot’s attacks that melee.
Laser Hand Usable for left or right hand attachments. See Weapons  4D6 damage, 2,000 ft range, 40 shots per e-clip.
Ion Hand Usable for left or right hand attachments. See Weapons 5d6 Damage, 1,000 ft range, 40 shots per E-clip.
Ready Cash $24,534 On hand
Life Savings $5,000 Bank
Cai’s Robotics Footlockers 2 SAVIOR HQ 4’x2.5’x2.5′ polyurethane & steel chest.  Shifting security algorithm keypad.
Various Replacement/Utility Hands 8 Footlocker 1 Standard Left Hand, Laser Hand, Electromag Clamp, Buzz-saw, High-Powered Drill, Police-grade Lock/Release Gun, Towline/Grappling, Acetylene Torch.
Tractor Remote Probe 1 Footlocker 1
Hover Remote Probe 1 Footlocker 2
Professional Grade Violin 1 Footlocker 2 Professional-grade Violin valued at $2,400, 1 concert bow ($500),
1 practice bow ($50)
Gorilla Tape 2 Compartment12 60 lbs tensile strength, more than 15 layers require supernatural strength to break, 5 req superhuman, used as restraints requires escape artist roll to escape.
Heavy Duty Zip Ties 50 Compartment 10 175 lbs tensile strength, requires superhuman strength to break, used as restraint requires escape artist -25% to escape, armed forces/police get +25% instead.
Automag Revolvers, 2 Extra Magazines 2 Compartments 1&2 L&R of Sternum, under clavicle
M93R Berettas Semi-auto, and 2 Extra Magazines 2 Compartments 3&4 Left & Right of Sternum, under C1&C2
TBA  – Compartment 5 Long, slides from the left trapezius
M2000 Dragonfire Shotgun, 2 Extra Magazines, All AP Buck, Current Mag 10/15 rounds 1 Compartment 6 Long, slides from the right trapezius
Statuette of the Guardian Angel of Copernicus 2 Compartment 7 Lower Right Abs
Statuette of the Guardian Angel of Copernicus 2 Compartment 8 Lower Left Abs
TBD Compartment 9 Pelvis
Heavy Duty Zip Tie 45 Compartment 10 Left Forearm
Hover Drone 1 Compartment 11 Center of Torso between C1/C2, C3/C4
Gorilla Tape 2 rolls, 1 & 9/10 Compartment 12 Left Calf
TBD Compartment 13 Right Calf
Hover Hand 1 Compartment 14 Left Hamstring
Replacement left hand, standard humanoid configuration 1 Compartment 15 Right Hamstring

Grey Center of Back :: Hover Jetpack Cradle
Grey Underarm :: Utility Arm Compartments
Luck Points Available 9 1 used to parry big baddie
8/25 USed 1 Helped Thanatos fix the cam
9/8 1 Gave to Jake
10/6 1 Gave to Zeau: Fix Initiative to go before the bomb went off
PEACE 1 Play this card to improve the attitude of a group in an encounter, perhaps by recognizing someone in the crowd, showing respect, or offering a bribe. This card only works on those who are “Neutral” towards you to begin with.
RILED UP 1 Play this card during a combat after your character is hit for damage. For the remainder of the scene, your character will do double damage on all melee attacks.
FORGIVE 1 Play this card when you are deep trouble with another character. That character accepts your excuse and forgives you. If it is determined later that your excuse was a lie, the character shall become your mortal enemy.
Bloody Mess (Used) 0 Played at Church of Reflections!!!!
A character dies in a particularly dramatic and gory manner, possibly destroying the body. The Game Master decides the detail and how much a death impacts the scene.

Miscellaneous Notes:

Birth Order: Only child.
Land of Origin: Glasgow, Scotland.
Childhood Environment: Impoverished, Home-schooled Child Violin Prodigy.
Social/Economic Background: Destitute artist, flutist, and their son, living in a 2 bedroom apartment in the outskirts of Glasgow. Got a scholarship to Century Station to attend Copernicus University.
When Extraordinary Abilities First Manifested: About the time he died.

Character Bio:

The day is Friday March 22nd, the year 2024.  Today is the day I died.

—Ok, just on a side note, I am SO GLAD I FINALLY GOT TO SAY SOMETHING LIKE THAT! It’s so mysterious and foreboding.  But also, THIS SUCKS! Anyway, back to my wonderfully dramatic and tragic tale.  If you are too heartless to listen to it, I’ve thrown in a TL;DR for you at the end… Pig.

I died without justice, and I hope to mete it out through my new life as a pile of assorted robotic parts in a junk bin.  Those that killed me were another’s tools, and he calls them his “Troubleshooters,” because he is painfully cliche as an evil overlord and criminal mastermind.  He’s also my boss, Urien Daniel’s, secret boss. I know this because, as luck would have it, I stumbled upon secret documents. Of course I did! Why wouldn’t I? It’s like all of the super villains in the universe are 2D characters in a bad book, and leave all of the evidence of their crimes in the paths of the naive Dudley Dorights of their organization.  Then, like a panicked little rabbit, what did I do? I called the cops of course! Why would I call the cops? Because I’m stupid. Monumentally so.

I wasn’t always this dumb.  I swear! I started life as a precocious, tenacious little snot-rag in Glasgow, Scotland.  Surprising, I know, given I don’t have an accent, but it’s true nonetheless. A 9th chair Flutist by the name of Eigyr Broderick married a visionary, but undiscovered, artist by the name of Gwydion Govannon.  Their pastor was Mark Osborn of Edinburgh’s First Methodist Congregation of the Universal Epistle of Luther, if you want to know – since I’m giving out all of the possible security answers as I can. They had me barely ten months later, being devout Christians and all, and we lived as happily as any poor family can.  Shortly after, my mother contracted Ovarian Cancer, and battled it the rest of her life, which turned out to be fifteen more years.

During that time, I learned everything I could.  I saw everything there was to see for a kid in the cultural epicenter of Scotland – and there was a lot.  I visited museums, musicals, operas, plays, art exhibitions, concerts, symphonies, orchestras, beat poetry nights at coffee shops, homeless people screaming in the park… You get the picture.  I showed unusual promise on the Violin, and played in a youth symphony. And most important of all, I was homeschooled by our elderly neighbor Dr. Ferrin Holdaway. He was a retired fossil who used to teach Rhetoric and Robotics at… some University somewhere… Hold on, what was the name?  Hmm… Uh… crap. I shouldn’t be losing memories like this… I’ll have to run a few diags on my drives.

So anyway, Dr Holdaway taught me that there was more to life than art, and more to robotics than cold machinery.  He melded the two for me in a way that I began to dream like I had never dreamed before. I also started to think that I could help my mother beat her cancer, but it won out a few months before I was accepted to Copernicus University to try.

Eight years of school and internships later, I was hired on as a Robotics Engineer and Programmer at Universal Synthetics & Robotics.   I thought it was a dream job! I worked alone in my little basement, played all of the video games I wanted, took remote tours of the wonders of the world while testing drones, and took robot parts out of the garbage chute when no one was looking.  I thought I had hit it big! Until I was looking for a report on Subliminal Illuminati Imagery in Media and Its Effects on Artificial Intelligence Cognitive Networks, and I stumbled upon an email’s ghost-image, sent by a spoofed account to Urien Daniels, the CEO of USR , with the subject line “Re: C0unci1 Adj3nd@ & St4tu5.”  Within the coded .txt attachment were hexadecimal timestamps that lined up with business trips my boss went on. Three coincided with crimes committed against non-Council-of-Industry-affiliated-businesses by advanced-robotics-aided criminals. (Boolean Query, you are my favorite!) So, like I said, I called the cops to schedule an interview with a CSPD Detective.

That was four hours ago.  Three hours and Fourty-Six minutes ago the motion-sensor cameras I stationed in the hallways leading to my lab woke my monitors up with video of two men holding silenced pistols walking purposefully down the hall.  Three hours and Fourty-Three minutes ago I attached the Cerebral Implant to the base of my skull and transferred my intelligence into the unfinished robot body I had stashed away in my closet at home.  Three Hours and Fourty-Two Minutes and Fifty-Eight Seconds ago my head was remodeled to have an open floor plan.

I said that my Robot Body wasn’t complete, and I wasn’t meaning it in the ‘I’m really proud of what I made, and I’m just being modest and coy’ kind of way.  I meant it in the ‘There was barely enough there to not die trapped in a useless metal coffin’ kind of way. I had hooked up the head, the Transferred Intelligence chassis, some of the sensors, two articulated supplementary arms, and a Jet Pack before I hopped in and left my perfectly good body behind.  The rest was in a bin in my garage. So, as you can possibly picture, I dragged myself through my company-paid-for condo using ¾ size arms, trailing as-of-yet superfluous hydraulics tubes and electrical wires like a techno-zombie. Three Hours Later I finished the last bits of my legs, lucky the cleaners hadn’t been through to destroy all evidence of me from my home, and booked it out of there.

And that is when I contacted an old friend, Jake Thompson, to tell him what I knew.


I put my consciousness into a patchwork robot before I was assassinated to keep a corporate secret, and now I’m trying to get vengeance.
($625k initial payout of signing bonus, 250 speed points, 10,000′ altitude)