Borough: Society Hill
Sub-District: #4
Population: Approximately 120,000.
Land Use: Residential, Commercial, Industrial.
Urbanization: Moderate
Wealth: Rich.
Crime: Light.

Overview: An exclusive residential area where the “old money” of the city still live. Much of the sub-district is made up of smaller communities that are walled off with a single gated access point. Armed security forces patrol these neighborhoods, making them seem more like luxury military installations than actual residential areas. These areas are populated largely by folks over 50, so there are virtually no children to be seen anywhere. Avalon’s residents also tend to all vote the same way, making this one of the more crucial areas to court in an election, since these folks typically are very vocal about their opinions and like to vote on them (in part because they have nothing to occupy their time aside from attending city government meetings, writing cranky op-ed articles and voting).

Notable Locations:

Brass Castle Estates

Ramblewood Estates

The Ransom House

The Sedler House

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