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Changing Direction

Changing Direction

You have one new voicemail, if you would lik…


It’s Me.




I owe you the BEER.


I’ve decided to leave SAVIOR. Is the offer still available Unicorn?

Yes…as long as you stop calling me Unicorn…

Yeah, sorry, it’s kind of who I am, I’m striving to be less of a fucker like that. Besides, Sphinx and Succubus both thought it was funny, although they are good at hiding it…

Manticore and Dragonel both ruffle a bit at the revelation.

I see the intel and reports on you are true…knowing all the secrets…that would fit nice with us, besides…I’ve seen some of your training and exploits in your heavily redacted file. We could use some your leadership and tactical experience. Sometimes control by committee doesn’t work so well for us. Also, another little “trick” of yours could REALLY help us to root out jealousy, anger,suspicion or betrayal between us.

Yeah, those “tricks” eventually helped to mend some wounds in SAVIOR. So, will the Big Bosses won’t have any issues?

No, we’ve operated with a good amount of autonomy that you’re familiar with…if I’ve “read between the lines’ on your dossier correctly…So, Welcome to The Sector Squad, Black Phantom?

Yeah, I’m in. Also, just to simplify things, I’ll just be known as Phantom from now on. Seems to fit with the group dynamic better.

So, who’s got the beer?

In the Shadows

In the Shadows

The following was posted anonymously to all social media outlets and left on major media outlet message boards.

We may work in the shadows, but we don’t try to control the world from the shadows, we try to protect it.

Why, you may ask, do we work in the dark? Yes, light is the best disinfectant and it does a good job of combating evil. But it does not kill all.

When you turn the light on in your kitchen, you see the rats and roaches scattering for the safety of the dark and you can take care of a few of them, but the most escape back to the safety of the dark.

If you work in the dark, you can get rats and roaches before they scatter for safety. How can they find safety, when you are in their realm, in their world, in their safe zone…

We’ve had the light shined on us as well and while it hurt us, it did not kill us. We are a resilient species for combating evil.

We accept our role and fate, we have to work in the dark. That is where you find true evil. While we may never fully eradicate the evil, we can at least keep it from infecting the light.

So, the next time you stare into the shadows, true evil may be staring back at you, but feel comfort knowing that it may just be us in it’s place, keeping true evil from leaving the shadows and infecting the light.


BEER for all.

Don’t you wish you were there…

Don’t you wish you were there…

[Scene fades in, interior S.A.V.I.O.R. base, sleeping quarters of Black Phantom. Black Phantom and Deathwish, are stark naked, save there masks, in the cramped bunk.]

So that was my evening, boring as fuck…How was your night?

Well, definitely more exciting one than you had…

We arrived at the Church, separately of course, and spread out to our assigned areas. I took the “enamored” new recruit approach, I was very chipper and excited and showed it as much as possible…

…Wow, that must’ve been a stretch…

…Watch it! Anyway, one fellow, Tom or John, came right up to me and started to puke all there was to the Church of blah-blah-blah. He seemed very eager and maybe higher ranking, so I used some of the new moves I learned recently…and not the ones I just used on you, I can hear the gears turning in there, hush…I was able to gain his full TRUST and confidence and I pressed it to my advantage, garnering a seat up front. His Girl, Stella I think, was starting to notice his enchantment with me, but wasn’t quite sure if it was his enthusiasm for the Church or what. I could see it with another of my mind tricks.

Anyway, we chatted and had the snacks waiting for the Grand Poobah, to show. it wasn’t long before he finally arrived. It didn’t take long and Blobbo had him fully entangled. Several folk ran like bat shit crazy towards the Poobah, including John/Tom & Stella. I dropped a Despair whammy on her and with the Trust still going on Tom/John, I convinced him to chase Stella as she ran, literally, over folk to Get the Fuck out.

Covenant didn’t waste much time at all…walked right up…stuck that amazing pistol of his under the Poobah’s chin and squeezed…

Flames…Flames shot through out this guys entire body, turning him into an instant pile of ash and dust…Amazing pistol…

Well with Poobah gone, we turned to the congregation to mediate any damaged, real or perceived. I had Cai & Blobbo grab Stella & John/Tom, my HooDoo Sense told me those two were not what they seemed and I wanted to have a little chat later. Blobbo grabbed them both up and Cai agreed to fly the whole glob back here to HQ. As I saw that the crowd was much calmer, no thanks to Covenant, and the CSPD were on there way, I radioed for everyone else to wrap it up and let’s get back to HQ.

Gryph, replied that he was almost done and would get him self back. I also ordered up a exfil from Geist for any others that peaked my interest and he was on it toot suite. Trip…BTW, Carl was the one we came with…radioed back, something about new friends and he needed them to meet the Beast. After what I saw in the Church, I knew it was trouble. I put out the 9-1-1 to those around and back at HQ to get back ASAP for rescue of a SAVIOR member. I used some more of my Jedi Mind Tricks, rummaged around for Carl’s plate and cup and was able to devise his location.

I made my way down to the basement…of course it’s in the basement…found the “room” and took a quick peek in. Mirrors…floor to wall to ceiling…Mirrors. So, in went, not one, but two flash-bangs…

DAMN! That must’ve hurt…Wish I would’ve seen that…or at least thought of that you Fucker…

Yeah, yeah, I will get back to you on that nickname soon. So all are blinded, I rush in, 2 of them have…transformed?…into strange beasts, not unlike Our Beast, but different…so FUCKING different. Well, I reached Trip, asked him to open his mind to me and I brought forth Alice…This was stupid…so very fucking stoooopid.

She went on some strange rant about not being able to see, The other Grand Poobah was chattering in her ear as well. She was straight up freaked and went full defense. I was trying to convince her to go with me and I would lead her out. Instead She was in full retreat and backed into the corner. She started dropping some of her MoJo on everyone, including me. That ech shit she uses is enough to blow out your eardrums. Well, by this time, the rest of Savior strolled on down and started taking up defensive positions. That’s when the rest of the folk down here all transformed. There was some real strange shit, I thought I was tripping again, like that one night at G-MaMa’s…wow, we should try that again sometime…anyway, with most of the folk blind, they were waiting and on the fast defensive, SAVIOR was mostly in shear terror shock and weren’t sure about what to do. I was just trying to get everyone out with as little bloodshed as possible.

Very little shifted untill Cai came to try and convince Alice to GTFO. He saw something, not sure what, in the eyes of the other Poobah. What ever it was, he unleashed unholy hell on him from his literal hand canon. Wasted that puke completely. At this point, I think everyone was just ready to GTFO.

Don’t you wish you were there?

I need some more Beer, let me get you one…

[Black Phantom, naked except his mask, walks out of the room, Scene fades out]

Riding a Bike

Riding a Bike

I don’t know why I telling you this, I guess I just figured I aught to tell someone…

So, it all started with BP asking me to help him with a side mission, I was all for it, it meant I could bash some more heads in. Well at first, it seemed SO boring…surveillance…YAWN! Well, as I went to point this out to BP, he gave me this INTENSE stare, that almost looked into my soul. At first it was disturbing, but I sensed the ferocity of his focus and let it alone. He had an end game and I knew it meant smashing heads, so I settled in and bided my time. WOW, so BORING, but his intensity and concentration kept me quiet. We sat on that roof and just watched, endless watching. I know I fell asleep a few times, I hope I wasn’t snoring. If I was I may have gotten it from BP. Worst of all, sitting outside of some big financial building, not even the birds wanted to mess this place up.

Well after sitting there ALL day, we caught a break. While I usually don’t like to see them, the CSPD showed up, arrest warrant in hand and rushed this bank place. The internal security tries to hold ’em off while “our target”, IDK some dude named Eisner, is making a break for it out the alley. Well, NOW I’m interested and excited, bad guy making a break for it. There is a squad car in that alley and they spot him, this Eisner fellow takes shots at it as he hops in this souped up classic 300M, rims and all. Now we’re talking bad guy shooting cops, let’s get this fucker. BP is on it faster than I can react, yelling “Move damn you, now’s our chance”. That extreme intensity again, at the time it was almost a turn on, but him yelling got me focused.

We are on the street, I’m driving my bike, him riding bitch (you know, he really doesn’t mind when I say that to him, weird). We are racing after Eisner, dodging traffic and weaving like a seamstress. Eisner is able to make it to the on ramp, before we can close the distance. Something interesting about BP, almost every time we ride, he is a little bit…hesitant…just a good amount of fear. Not this time. he is leaning in with every turn, almost sensing my moves, all the while pulling two pistols out of his holsters and getting them ready. Chase continues on the 900 something freeway, IDK, IDC. We are dodging some traffic and weaving, gaining on Eisner. BP is pushing me to get close, very close. I’m thinking, just shoot the fucker already, he yells or blurts or something…NO, CLOSER! At least I think he said it. Well I get so damn close I could give him a rectal exam, if you are into that. BP has him dead to rights, but doesn’t do anything right away, just stares. Well Eisner finally takes a shot at us, totally missing me, but basically grazed BP’s clothes. Then all fucking hell broke loose, BP clenchs both legs up against me and the bike, sits up real straight, aims both weapons at Eisner, fires both AT THE SAME TIME, one hits Eisner in the torso somewhere, the other blows the front tire…DAFUQ…The 300M goes careening like a top. I’m able to short-stop (reverse wheelie BTW) and avoid being a part of the madness. The car finally stops, but Eisner isn’t done yet, he somehow crawls out. BP LEAPS of my bike, runs up and kicks the weapon from his hands. Then goes into some weird tirade…[mocking deep male voice]”I’m the Hunter…you’re the Hunted…I hunted you…you didn’t hunt me…Do you see now…I am the Hunter…” Well at first I was all “blah…blah…blah”, but the intensity…it was like earlier on the roof…this time though I felt it wash over me a bit. All this…THIS…emotion, adrenaline, raw energy…I needed release…

There was some cash, we left it. There were some guns and grenades, we…well He stashed those and we came back for them. Eisner died BTW.¬† CSPD showed up, they questioned us, realized who we were, thanked us for stopping him, thanked us for leaving the cash and let us get on our way, almost shooing us away. What Evs. I NEEDED RELEASE.

We got back to BP’s, with all the “stuff”, stowed it away. BP was starting to come down, but I said, I need a ride and you are coming with me. He didn’t argue, We went down to the alley, where my bike was, I told him to strip…but leave the mask, I kept mine as well. He was naked in seconds, so was I. I told him to get on the bike, he did. I went to “rev him up”, he was at full throttle already. I then mounted his bike. I started my bike, then I started on his Bike. We took off, in more ways then one, headed down the road. I wanted to go as fast as possible, so I got onto the highway. We were at full throttle in so many ways. Last thing I remember was the Speedo at 120 and so was BP. One thing that was strange…at one point, somewhere out past Ulster, all of a sudden, I was seeing myself from BP’s view…so surreal…Me over the top…BP revving his bike endlessly…my bike at max throttle…emotions of us both flowing back and forth…then just total, fucking, mind blowing ecstasy…

About an hour later, I remember…barely…able to bring my bike to a stop…BP twitching from the experience…we pulled over and passed out in some field…

We eventually rode back to his apartment, still totally naked, enjoying the cool breeze on our hot bodies. We just didn’t give a fuck.

Hunter or Hunted?

Hunter or Hunted?

Are you the Hunter?

Are you the Hunted?

Do you really know?

I found you, I hunted you and I took you down. You thought you were the hunter, but yet now you know, you were the prey after all.

You thought you could out hunt me, out maneuver me? I think not.

Maybe I should explain where you went wrong. You THOUGHT you were hunting me, but you used the wrong tool. The tool you used, and he was a real tool, was not a hunter, he was a killer. Killers are good for one thing…killing…mind-numbing killing. I saw that in him…He was numb to it all. So since you sent a killer, I was able to survive.

I am a true hunter, I stalk, I study, I take the advantage, I sense my prey, I feel the weakness, I let it consume me, it is my single purpose, THE HUNT. The kill is just the sticky gob that is left over after the hunt.

So, do you see…do you really see where you went wrong now? One of us was the Hunter and One of us was the Prey. I think you get it now which is which. Good-Bye Mickey Eisner, thank Mason Blood-Gut when you get to Hell. When Tyler Lynch shows up, I hope he kicks your ass for getting him a front row seat…

To the Victor goes the BEER…

Am I Evil?

Am I Evil?



“Yes, Mr. West.”

“Begin secure voice and video recording.”

“Recording has begun, Transformer responses turned off.”

“Smart, your learning computer. 25th March 2000 hours.

“Am I Evil?

“Yes it is a question that not many ask of themselves. Most are fully convinced they are not, some just don’t give a fuck, the rest, us very few, are concerned, not because we care, but we truly wish to know and if we should embrace it. Every since I bonded with that little cunt of a thug, this tiny little question has been bouncing around in my head.

“Now for sure I’ve committed acts that could be deemed evil, but just because someone performs evil, does not make them evil, just ask a Catholic.

“For me the question has been more pronounced ever since I’ve decided to ‘take care of’ Mickey Eisner. Up to this point, I’ve always carried out ‘acts of evil’ on the orders or behest of others and I know all them fucking Nazis used the same excuse for the evil they committed, but that was against an innocent race. What I’ve done was against those that would harm innocents and I’ve never taken out an entire race. The Artorians are a great example of this ‘justification’ for committing evil against entire races en masse. But I digress, I’m not here to talk about other’s evil, I’ve posed the question to myself after all.

“This marks the first time I’ve made the decision…all on my own…with no orders or outward influence. So maybe I’ve finally crossed the line into a territory I’ve always just skirted in the past. Yeah, this ain’t dipping your toe in the water…this is jumping all in head first. Well that cock sucker Eisner deserves it.

“Am I Evil? I don’t know. I mean Old Man Hubbard has good intentions (or bad in this case), but he is just too much of a gutless twat to act on his intentions. I mean, I’ve practically DARED him to do something, yet he still hesitates. That one day I did almost catch him, if I hadn’t ‘interrupted’ him, I doubt he would have pulled the trigger. I may just have to go show him what that big black cannon is for, not like that little white boy has any experience shooting one.

“Yeah, maybe folk in this town need to look out, ‘specially those cocks that just don’t give a fuck.

“So…Am I evil?…Just maybe…just maybe I am…I am Man…or maybe its just the moon, so bright and full…

“I will drain the BEER from their dying souls and chug it from their skulls…”

A new Adventure-ish

A new Adventure-ish


“Yes, Phantom of the Dark.”

“Actually, please refer to me as Mr. West from now on…”

“As you wish, Mr. West. You wanted to ask me something Mr. West?”

“Are you able to record for posterity? Or something ‘on the record’?”

“Of course, Mr. West”

“Good, can you do a full encryption so that only current members of SAVIOR can access the contents?”


“OK, begin secure voice and video recording, I want my reactions and emotions available for posterity. Lets call this…SAVIOR After Action Review for events dated 23rd March 2024 1800 hours until 24th March 1800 hours

“Recording has begun, Autobots Rolling”

“Please, before we begin, don’t use any of those idiotic cartoon phrases when I’m doing secure recordings…or at anytime I address you directly…I swear, I will rip the electrons from your nano circuits if I hear it again while I’m directly talking to you….”

“…Transformer responses turned off.”

“So where to begin…First, since I’ve been “retired” from Sector 10, I no longer have a reliable outlet to recall events, hash them over or just download the data anywhere, So SAVIOR, I’m going to use…ahem…Optimus…(mutters, under breath)fucking shit…to record what I know as after action reviews or AARs. This is, hopefully, so we, as a group, can go over our actions and make improvements and to just record for posterity. It’s always good to have your side of events down on record.

“Let’s get the nuts and bolts out of the way. 1800, 23 MARCH 2024, Deathwish & I arrived at Granny2Good’s with cheap wine for the party. DW & I offered it, comments were made on the quality, or lack thereof. One was used in a cooked dish, the other ended in the waste receptacle, which DW & I retrieved and started consuming, waste not want not.

“Dinner was served, it was delicious. Then Tea was served, it was mind bending. Some strange powered mix Jake gave G2G to serve at the party. He was already passed out, but alcohol was the cause. Within moments almost everyone that sipped or drank the “Tea” was completely tripped out of their minds. I can’t say what the other experienced, but something very animalistic came forth from me. I looked at DW, said ‘You want to go?’ She smiled, starting walking away and taking her clothes of, I followed doing the same. We didn’t make it to the bed, I was on her like a wolf. What I do (or should I say elect to) recall was shear animal madness on the floor. I finished, saw the “wine”, gave her some, took a swig my self, then was back at it. The noise must’ve alerted the others, we were interrupted by our host. Bad form, oh well.

“This is mentioned because I believe this lead to the next set of events; Several hired gang members were able to approach the house and plant several explosives without ANY of us realizing until it was almost too late. All were neutralize, explosives and gang members.

“We also were visited by a stranger, Caedechron, who some how is/was a friend/colleague of Jake. He was told to meet him at the house. In my state, I tried to “read” him and I pushed real hard not knowing who or what he was. I went real deep and made a new strange connection. I knew EVERYTHING about him, including his mortal death (only way I know how to describe it). I put that away as we had to deal with the explosives and the gang. Once the gang was rounded up I sought out the leader. I wanted to “read” him and determine who hired him and his final objective. Well after the experience of the night, I pushed hard with him as well. I again knew everything he knew, including his full mission and who procured his services. Sam “Mickey” Eisner. I will discuss some things about the experience later. Suffice to say, I went into another mental spiral, having two whole additional minds in my head…oh forgot to mention gang leader was the one who killed Caedechron’s mortal body.

“Once I was more recovered, the CSPD arrived to haul off the offenders. I have a back and forth with the leader and realized that not only has I pulled everything from him, he also pulled everything from me. That had to be rectified.

“I talked with select members of SAVIOR I felt could help with the situation, Jake (of course), Caedechron and Miss Amazing. We ended up back at Jake’s “lab”. He took some measurements while I tried to assist. Strangely I was able to understand most of what he was doing and even contributed a few minor details. This was from using the memories and skills I pulled from Caedechron. Jake was able to determine he could remove the memories and thoughts. A first I was hesitant and lashed out at him, but I realized this was necessary, and I agreed to have Caedechron removed. It was a painful success. I think I suffered some brain damage, but it worked. Next target the gang leader.

“I contacted a confidential source I have in the CSPD to gain access to the leader with Jake. We went to the precinct where he was being held and were escorted in the back entrance of the holding cells. The leader was in a room waiting for us. We used a ruse of scientific experimentation for a new interrogation method/lie detector. With Jake Thompson, Hero of Century Station there, it was easy to convince them of this.

“We strapped in the leader, gave him a sedative, zapped his brain real good. Another success as far as we could tell, the guy passed out after some easy questions about who we were. We continued to “shine” the Officers and even gave a few autographs and some group selfies. I made sure to keep my masked face behind others.

“Once this was completed, we returned to G2G’s (since our HQ was still being repaired). We all had to discuss the Artorians and what to do about them. I gave my account of a recent ‘shopping’ trip Jake took me on. I discussed the various atrocities that have been committed by the race and what the eventual plan for earth will be. I was whole-heartedly for destroying the ‘princess’ and her ship that is in orbit of Earth now. While they may not be ready to ‘convert’ Earth yet, I know it is coming. I’ve seen it often enough here on Earth by Humans. There is a constant to the Universe…EVIL.

“Jake devised a demonstration to prove to the others of the truth and found another reality (I guess there are 100s or 1000s of them or more, can’t really say) that had been ‘converted’ so those that were hesitant could see the possibility. We all jumped through one of his Space/Time dimension rings and we arrived on what seemed like Earth, but there were subtle differences. Those I will discuss in my next report/AAR.

“I want to “vent” about my experience of what I’ve found out is know as mind bonding. Wow, what a description…I mean, to bond is to simply join two entities together…THIS was something wholey not like that. It’s…more like…mixing of two minds…I mean, it was difficult to parse out where my experiences and knowledge ended and the others began. Of course, once I bonded with the gang leader it became so much more…Three complete minds bouncing around inside my head…Fuck, talk about mind blown…and then on top of all that, the leader was the one that KILLED Caedechron…I mean how do you process watching, knowing, seeing yourself KILL yourself…yet STILL BE ALIVE!!!! WHAT THE FUCK! I thought, once I had recovered from my complete stupor, to try and teach the leader a lesson, I shared the Killing as if it was from Caedechron’s view. Total failure, my mistake was thinking that such an evil act would sicken him, on the contrary, he was very sick and disturbed. A would say a clinical sociopath…a complete lack of feeling, empathy or emotion with the exception of some sick joy over causing such pain and misery. I’ve committed some terrible acts in my time of service to my country and city, but good fucking shit, this guy…If it wasn’t for the outlets of being in a gang he would have been a serial killer for sure…the evil oozing from every corner of his mind. I can’t wait to be rid of these memories and feelings, once “mickey” gets his due. I think I’m going to use some of the things I “learned” from the leader on him…just for fun…

“…ahem, end recording Optimus…save all, including that last line…it all needs to be on the record.

“I need a fucking BEER…

Portfolio and Investment Update

Portfolio and Investment Update

You have one new voicemail, if you would lik…


It’s Me. Investment update, First SAVIOR LLC. was very successful in it’s first G-Fund and C-Fund partnership in a hostile take over of Jujube Macau industries, run by Father Walker. It turns out that they were dealing in questionable heavy hammers, as well as their over reach into the marionette industry. It was a complete and utter success. SAVIOR’s PR quotient has risen by leaps and bounds. Leading to more investor’s which has increased our profit margin.

As to Ms. Wolfe. She has decided to fully divest her portfolio from mine, but is still investing on a parallel investment strategy.

Speaking of new investors, I’ve merged my portfolio with Ms. Eunice Asia. While this investor didn’t seem like she would pan out, She approached me after the market closed on Father Walker. Initial negotiations for the merger were slow, but proper research on the merger was required before finalizing the deal. The final “test” of her worthiness as a full partnered broker was a venture against a reemerging marketer Mr. Kloch and his junior partners. While a local diamond market lost some gains in the venture, Mr Kloch will no longer be able to short any other markets, Mrs. CastleHawke and Dr. Brown made sure of that, at least as sure as we can be given we thought he was no longer trading after our last venture with him.

As to the profits from Ms. Asia, it’s like she has the luck of the Irish on her side. They were off the chart. Her investment strategy is always about going after the highest risk investments. She & I have also engaged in personal portfolio mergers. The profits from this venture have also proven to be quite profitable as well. Again her strategies in her personal investments are wild and with abandon. My own profit from this was indescribable.

I hope ACE Tomato management finds the market ventures acceptable. I still haven’t scheduled that meeting with the Hedge Fund Manager so I am presuming they are.

More Beer for you then.


Hedge Fund Disaster

Hedge Fund Disaster

You have one new voicemail, if you would lik…


Listen up, you know who THIS is. First thing Ms. Wolfe’s portfolio was hacked by a black hat coder, posing as a White hat instructor and used her and others to gain insider information on the diamond market. Unfortunately the coder is now C+A+D, so we can’t turn that investing material over to the G-Fund group or else SAVIOR LLC. would have corrected the market like we did for COL. Abrahms, beneficial to SAVIOR LLC., but a friendly investor, part of the Smith & Wesson trading group, lost his trading license, acceptable though given the circumstances. SECOND, SAVIOR LLC. is now a fully licensed and bonded professional market trading group and all of them are on-board with commingling of funds with Ace Tomato Company, even the former trainee of the Traders Training Creche is on-board for now. So if management still insists on sending a Hedge Fund manager, remind them of my investing skills and the profits I am capable of attaining, either for ATC or for myself, and tell them to send the whole Hedge Fund Branch if they want to pull my trading license.

Well, if you are still listening, I at least have a possible return of the capitol I was entrusted with. The aforementioned Black Hat Coder had some serious skills, again unfortunate he is no longer able to interface with servers; however, two of his other hacked portfolios may be good candidates for the Traders Training Creche or at least could give some market indicators for the particular coding and hacking skills used to gain access to their portfolios. There are two others, but as of yet, I’ve been unable to gain knowledge of their portfolio potential, I will keep working on that. As for the first two, their information was forwarded to HR in the usual manner.

Still listening, well good, I think. Hedge fund managers could have pulled my license by the time you hear this for all I know. Anyway, the E.T. experimental department may have an interest in what Doc Brown has found out about why the tunnels used for Interstellar Investments has been blocked. A group of Naturalists (unknown which market they invest in) has setup a protest of some fashion which lead to the blocking of the investment tunnels. SAVIOR went down to the Southern Iceberg Lettuce market to break up their protest. SAVIOR was successful, even without my assistance, I will explain what I mean in a moment, but Doc Brown still has to finish analyzing the results of the blockage and if it can be cleared. Also, the ET department may be interested to know that while we traveled to the iceberg market, we spotted some potential first time visitors. I also sent that information to HR along with the info on the two candidates.

As to why SAVIOR didn’t have any help from me in the hostile take over bid of the Naturalists, I’ve been delving into my newly acquired skills in the Derivatives market and Futures market. While we were at the Iceberg Lettuce market, I was overwhelmed by a trading trend and was unable to participate in the lettuce market. I did turn quite the profit in the Derivatives & Futures market though. It seems the naturalists have been planning this protest for quite some time. Going back to the days when Mr. Outr√© Gyrene was working for Ace Tomato. The result of my delving into those markets showed a surreal trend of the Naturalists. They are planning an even bigger protest, and I mean MASSIVE, to be held at the Centurion Plaza Market. I’m unsure of the exact timing of this protest against our entire capitalist system, but I feel it could be very soon. This protest could crash every market and investment tunnel around the Globe if not stopped. R&D will have to conduct further market analysis to give a better trend timeline then I am capable of determining. I’m tracking some of the Naturalists and will be using my derivative and futures market training to get a lead on their short selling strategies before the planned protest. Some possible good news, we have an inside trader, Mr. Wyatt Ferris, [#WyattNPC]. He seems to have commingled his funds with one of the Naturalists and could be used to gain more capitol for the takeover bid of the Naturalists. They still see him as an outside trader as well.

Final thoughts of worthiness: Mrs. Castlehawke and Doc Brown have quite the history, it seems She recalls terminating his trading license, yet here he is as an independent R&D contractor for SAVIOR LLC.