The Atorian Empire

The Atorian Empire

The Atorian Empire controls about one-quarter of the galaxy. Rumors persist that the Atorians are gearing up for another major expansion and planet/territory grab.

In general, the Atorians are considered an arrogant and ruthless race. They believe they are superior to most other life forms and have the robotics, weapons, and space travel technologies to back up that belief. They have conquered scores of worlds through the force of their own impressive armies and through the employment of conscripted warrior races as their storm troopers and minions. For the last 1,000 years they have been regarded as an evil empire that “gobbles up” worlds to increase their holdings, their power, and other unknown diabolical purposes.

The Atorians’ society is gynarchal; males have been relegated to servants and slaves, used for manual labor, entertainment, and reproduction. They enforce this upon their conquered worlds, too. In many people’s eyes, the Atorian Empire is evil and never has the welfare of any people in mind. They do whatever it takes to win a battle, make a profit, and to expand in power. Profits and power are all that seem to matter to them.

The empire is ruled by six Empresses. They are: Althea, Asmoria, Aemalia, Aleska, Amara, and Arcadia.

The criminals on Grymdin have voiced some strong opinions about the Atorians as well.