Assassin Dolls

Assassin Dolls

Assassin Dolls is a popular, multiple season anime series about pre-teen girls who go around killing people. On the surface it’s fairly indistinguishable from most other anime of this type but it has a dedicated fan-base obsessed with its compelling plot, dramatic twists, unique soundtrack, and badass young girls in gothic-lolita clothing. New episodes air every Friday night on Channel A!


Season 1, Episode 1 Synopsis:


The episode opens on an alley behind a medical clinic. There is a young girl with blue hair lying in the gutter in what appears to be her own blood. It is raining. A woman taking out the trash notices her an rushes to her side. She picks the girl up and rushes into the medical clinic calling out to someone named Ichiro. The scene fades when the girl is taken into the clinic.

The sound of cicadas can be heard. Trees surround a small meadow deep in the forest. Two girls are playing in the meadow. They race from one side to the other, jumping and laughing. The smiles transform to grimaces of effort in an instant when the girls pull pistols on each other and begin shooting. Blood blossoms from the shoulder of the green haired girl. She goes down with a cry and the blue haired girl rushes over to her. She calls the girl Hikari and worries that she is really hurt. The moment that the blue haired girl pulls close Hikari pulls her gun from behind her back and says “Weak” as she pulls the trigger.

The blue haired girl awakens with a start by herself in a room. She has a bandage wrapped around her middle under a sleep shirt. The woman enters the room and tells the girl to follow her upon seeing her awake. The woman talks to the girl as she prepares dinner. The woman says her name is Kamon Aina and wonders what the girl’s name is. The girl still hasn’t said a word, so she ends up calling the girl Kura because “She reminds her of someone she used to know with that name.”

The girl, now called Kura, is in pain and is helped by Aina and the doctor, her husband, Ichiro Kamon. They feed her, bathe her, and bandage her up again. Kura still doesn’t speak, even if she does nod and use other non-verbal queues. The Kamons begin looking for Kura’s parents.

They take her to the local elementary school to get tested, as they know she will need to go to school while they look for Kura’s family. Testing happens. After the Kamons and Kura leave, the proctor is looking at the test results and saying, “This is incredible,” although we are not told the results of the testing.

That night a figure sneaks into Kura’s room. She stands in a shaft of light and we see it is Hikari. “Weak. Alice is still weak.”


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