Anthony Indbur

Anthony Indbur

Anthony Indbur is the CEO and founder of Indbur Enterprises. He is a very charismatic, charming person and a frequent voice of dissent within the Council of Industry about their policies and agendas. He is rarely seen without his personal assistant, a very formal and dour woman named Melissa Fabricius.

Sunday, February 4th, 2024: At a dinner party hosted by Angela Mackenzie-Weisman, Mason Bloodget of Xavier Financial started a heated argument with mayor Dwayne Zardona about his current policies. Specifically, how the mayor wasn’t doing enough for the Council. Mason was clear to Dwayne that if he wasn’t careful, he wouldn’t get another term. After the argument Anthony came over to Dwayne and told him he shouldn’t let Mason get to him. Carl Weisman only noticed that Anthony seemed genuinely friendly and missed any other subtext, but did notice that Anthony’s assistant seemed off-putting in an uncanny way. Later that evening Anthony and Carl struck up some idle conversation and during that conversation Anthony excitedly talked about a new project Indbur Enterprises was working on, a device called the “Black Box™. This high-density nanotech omni-gadget would be to smart phones what smart phones were to the land-line phone. He showed off a prototype to Carl, who was suitably impressed.

A few days later: A package arrived at Carl’s apartment from Indbur Enterprises. There was a black cube inside, a few legal forms for him to sign and return (NDA, use at your own risk, etc… standard stuff), a printed instruction guide, and a note that read “Carl, thanks for the interest! We’d be excited to obtain your thoughts and feedback on this device. It could use some real-world testing from someone like you. -Anthony”

Saturday, Feb 10th, 2024: Carl contacted tech support for his Black Box and was shuffled from person to person to no avail. 3 hours later he received a call back from Anthony, who apologized for the runaround and gave him the number of his person assistant, Melissa, to contact directly with any future questions.

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