772 Union Street

772 Union Street

772 Union St is an old industrial building under renovation by Spirit Enterprises.

Jan 17th, 2024: A group of 10 Mavericks met here to plan their future.

March, 2024: This location is now a Community Center, and a secret entrance to S.A.V.I.O.R.’s secret base.

Community Center

The roof:
  • All Doors will be brown, and all windows blue.
  • 3 pads for Helicopters or Aircars
  • Cameras for 360 view (There are dome cameras I tried to make but they suck so I skipped them)
    • They are on the corners of the two roof access structures on the roof.
  • High End solar panel to help explain being green and taking less power from the residents that need it. Carbon Footprint stuff, etc. It helps hide the power plant in theĀ base. As well as charging the battery backups for the tiny community clinic on the ground floor.
Ground Floor
  • Bathrooms
    • Dual sinks
    • capacity two
    • Baby changing station on opposite wall from sinks
  • Reception
    • Big globe behind two receptionists
  • Neighborhood outreach
    • Two counselors that work with social services and help filing paperwork
    • Two job placement counselors
    • Each office is shared by three people
      • A.M.
      • P.M.
      • Night person (never deals with public)
        • Goes through and checks up, makes to do list for the A.M. that gets passed to P.M. if not complete. Evaluated by Night person (aka supervisor) for how to best follow up on each case.
    • Building I.T. also handles helping the public with the workstations so they can look for work, help with any services they need, apply online
  • Neighborhood Clinic
    • Can handle up to 6 patients
    • No overnight stays (transfers to a larger hospital at that point)
    • Staff
      • A.M. Doc / P.M. Doc
      • 2 A.M. Nurses or P.A.’s / 2 P.M. Nurses or P.A.’s
      • 3 A.M. Triage / Patient Nurses / 3 P.M. Triage / Patient Nurses
  • Elevators
    • There are two located next to the stairs and data pads to access them by their doors
  • Main Waiting Area
    • There are four data terminals for checking in, patient status for family, etc.
  • Shared Storage
    • 2/3 is for the clinic (beds are large yo)
    • 1/3 is for Neighborhood outreach
  • Public Library
    • The theme is how to better ones self.
    • Nothing may be removed (taking pictures with your phone is fine).
    • Submit a list of titles and pages to the receptionists and in 24 hours you will have either a pdf or printed copy.

2nd Floor Community Center

If people are medically cared for, have a home (or a place to turn and find one), and in good physical shape they are likely to do well. This center provides all of that. Some areas were left for future use because they can always dress up a room for special functions if needed.


Basement Community Center
Big shipping crates for organization.
3 fancy tech battery back ups
The secret is the shelving slides to revel the hidden door. Each hidden camera has a laser turret next to it as well.
Trash cans are green square ones like city trash cans
Three industrial refrigerators, three vending machines, watercooler.
Utility sinks and some shelving next to each restroom.


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